Steering Wheel Shakes & Vibrates While Driving in Highland Park, TX? Tire Damage & More

When you take off down the road in your car or truck you are probably used to the ride. There are some cars that run really smooth and others may be a bit rough. This all depends on the handling of your vehicle and how well it can absorb the road conditions. Most people are not concerned about how their car runs when there is not a problem. You may start to have a problem when you notice that the ride or handling has changed from what is normal. This is often a sign that there is a problem with the vehicle that will need some attention. One aspect that you may notice has changed is if there is shaking or vibrating in the car when you are driving. You want to make sure that if you notice a change that includes shaking you have it looked into as soon as possible. The shaking can be caused by several reasons. Citywide Towing Service lists some of the reasons your car may be shaking and vibrating.

Possible Causes of a Shaking & Vibrating Vehicle

Tire Damage: One of the common causes of a vibration in the vehicle is from the tires. They are a very important part of the car and they need to be cared for and inspected regularly. They are made of rubber that will wear down over time. The reason that you may feel the jumping or shaking feel is from a separation in the tire. The tire has several layers that are sealed together to give it strength. A separation is when these become unattached from one another and will cause a bulge in the tread of sidewall of the tire. As you drive you will feel this shaking as the bulge moves around. You will need to replace the tire and you want to make sure that you do that before you end up with a blow out.
Wheels Out of Balance: The other problem still has to do with the tires and wheels. The wheels are what the tire is mounted on but they can be out of balance. You can feel the vibration when the car is in motion. It is usually felt when you reach about 50 miles an hour and the vibration will be felt in the steering wheel. You can have this problem fixed by having the wheels balanced. The wheel is taken off the car and tested on a machine that will tell it where a weight should be attached. This will balance out the wheel and stop the vibration.
Driving with Warped Rotors: The other part of shaking and vibration in your vehicle is felt when you are trying to brake. When you slow down and you feel a vibration in the pedal and through the car it can be from the rotors. This is the part of the brakes that the pad will rub on to stop the car. The rotor should be perfectly round and smooth and when there are grooves in the rotor is will cause shaking. You can have them taken off the car and turned to smooth them back out or replace them.

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