Summer Vehicle Transport Guide in Dallas, TX; Tow Bar, Dolly or Trailer Equipment Needed for Towing a Car Safely Behind a Motorhome or RV

We are gearing up for a season full of travel. Many of you like to travel via RV, but what happens once you get there? Many RV travelers prefer to tow their vehicle behind so they have a ride to tour their destination upon arrival. There are a few options you have when towing your vehicle behind your RV. You want to always make sure you are towing your vehicle safely as you travel. Citywide Towing is here to talk about the different ways one might tow their car behind their RV this summer.

Guide to Towing Your Car Using a Tow Bar

It doesn’t matter if you have a standard or automatic transmission, you can use a tow bar to tow your vehicle. They are used to tow cars between 3,500 lbs. and 5,000 lbs. Some RVs actually come equipped with a tow bar built into them to give a more streamlined towing experience. The tow bar looks much like a wishbone and has a base plate that is hooked up to the car or truck’s chassis. The downside to this setup is the fact that most of the time the base plate is usually designed to work with certain vehicles. If one doesn’t exist for the vehicle you want to tow, it can get pricey to have a custom base plate made. Another consideration to make is the fact that your car will continue to accumulate mileage the entire time you are towing since all four wheels are on the ground.

Using a Tow Dolly to Transport Your Vehicle

When using a tow dolly to transport your vehicle, it consists of a short trailer that consists of two wheels. You drive your car up and secure the two front wheels of your car to the small trailer. These dollies can be used to tow pretty much any vehicle and don’t require special equipment for different vehicles. On the downside, they can be expensive to purchase, and once you reach your destination, you have to find a place to park it. If you use a tow dolly, many states will require that you register and license it.

Towing Your Vehicle with a Trailer

If you are looking for a car transport system that won’t rack up miles on your vehicle, using a trailer is a good option for you. You also don’t have to worry about your transmission sustaining any damage during the transportation process. However, using a trailer requires the ability to pull the extra weight and should always be taken into consideration. Along with the tow dolly, once you reach your destination, you have to find somewhere to store it until you need to use it again.

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Before you set out for your grand adventures this summer, make sure you have the right equipment to tow your vehicle. You may not want to mess with the entire process and have your car transported by a reputable towing company like Citywide Towing. We have several towing options that can get your vehicle where it needs to be and can advise as to which one is best for your vehicle and circumstance. Call us today!

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