Texas Move Over Law in Ferris, TX; Yielding to Emergency Vehicles & Tow Trucks

When you need an emergency tow it is important to make sure you, your passengers and the tow operator are safe. As residents know all too well, Texas road are very busy and can become very dangerous. This is why the State of Texas has their move over Laws. To help improve safety during a tow, Citywide Towing Service would like to share safety tips during your next tow and explain how our Texas Move-Over laws help ensure safety for everyone.

Texas Move Over Law Transportation Code

The tow truck operator depends on their customers to follow state laws to ensure safety during a tow and while their vehicle is being loaded onto the tow truck. When needing an emergency tow it is important to follow the laws to not only ensure the towing operator’s safety but yours and other motorists as well. Traffic throughout Texas, especially Dallas and the Fort Worth freeways is where you must be the most careful if your vehicle breaks down or you find yourself in a minor collision. Due to Texas traffic and the high accident rate, Texas created a move over law which provides emergency vehicles, including towing trucks, more safety.

Rules for Pulling Over for Emergency Vehicles

In 2003 the move over laws were implemented. The move over law indicates that when driving and you come upon an emergency vehicle, all drivers in the right hand lane must slow down to 25 mph. If the speed limit is 25 or under, all drivers must slow down to 5 mph. It is encouraged that when a driver comes upon an emergency vehicle in service, move to the left lane to provide more room for the service providers.

Why Was the Move Over Law Created in Texas

It was due to the number of accidental collisions with emergency operators in service. Plainly emergency providers were getting hit by motorists who simply weren’t paying attention. Unfortunately, many people today are still unaware of the move over laws which puts our emergency operators at risk. But in failing to follow the move over laws, penalties can be enforced, including a $200 fine and if property damage occurs, the driver can even receive jail time and a suspended driver’s license.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down or You are in a Car Accident

When involved in an accident or if your vehicle breaks down, be sure to get your vehicle over to the right most side of the road. This helps other motorist provide you and the emergency provider with better safety during service. Make sure you turn your hazard or emergency lights on to make other drivers aware you are in distress. If you are unable to move your vehicle, turn on your emergency lights, get out of the vehicle, and get off of the road. Keep at a safe distance until help arrives.

Pay Attention when Driving

As a motorist it is equally important for you to pay close attention when driving. Avoid texting or making calls while you’re driving. The Center of Disease Control reports about 9 people are killed and an estimated 1,150 people are injured yearly due to distracted drivers. When operating a vehicle make sure you put away any distractions, mainly the cell phone, and pay close attention to the road and other motorists. If you come upon an emergency vehicle and operator in service, make sure to follow the move over law.

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