Tips for Making it to the Nearest Gas Station when You Run Out of Gas in Irving, TX; Not Using Auto AC & More

When that gas light dings in your car and you aren’t sure when the next gas station is going to come into view, it can be an anxiety riddled situation. It can happen to the best of us as we are driving and simply not paying attention, trying to stretch our gas as far as we can or any other scenario that leaves us low on fuel. If that light just dinged on your dashboard and you are panicking, there are actually some things you can do to ensure you make it to a gas station. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some of our best tips in making it to a gas station when you are about to run out of gas.

Nearest Gas Station Open Near Me

As soon as you hear that infamous ding, you better start looking for the nearest gas station. Hopefully it isn’t too far away. Usually, in most cars, the gas light will come on when you have 20-40 miles before you are out of gas. When you are driving around town, this is usually no problem. If you are on a road trip and unfamiliar with your surroundings or the long stretch of highway that is ahead of you, it can be another story. Get a good picture of how far you have until you reach the nearest station though.

Does Driving with Your Windows Down Waste Gas?

It may seem like it can stretch your gas to roll down the windows and turn off the AC. However, the wind resistance will be much worse when the windows are rolled down. Your vehicle is more aerodynamic with the windows rolled up.

Do You Save Gas By Not Using Auto Air Conditioning?

This can be a brutal step when you are driving in the summer months with high outside temps. Believe it or not, your AC system has a big impact on your fuel economy. You can see a 25% increase when you don’t have the AC turned on. If you are about to run out of gas with a lone stretch of highway in front of you, 25% is a lot and can make a big difference. You could be facing the heat of the day if you end up running out of gas anyway, may as well make it as far down the road as possible before that happens.

How Road Conditions Affect Gas Mileage

The road conditions actually make a significant difference in how far you will make it as well. You don’t always have control over this, but if you can avoid hills and bad weather, you will be better off. Coasting will always take less fuel that climbing a hill. If you have to come to a stop for a stop light, avoid accelerating fast as this wastes gas as well.

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