Tips to Avoid Head, Back, Knee & Other Common Car Accident Injuries in University Park, TX

The general driving community will usually find themselves being in a car accident at least once in their driving career. Where some accidents are avoidable, there are some situations that you cannot avoid the accident, however, you may avoid the common injuries that are born from them. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to offer tips to help you avoid injuries in the event of a car accident.

Head & Brain Injuries from Car Accident

It is common for people to suffer from a traumatic brain injury or concussions when their head forcefully makes contact with a hard surface, such as a windshield or dashboard. Simply wearing your seat belt the whole time you are in the vehicle can help you avoid these injuries, as they can limit the force upon impact. Depending on the severity of the collision, a person can experience some internal bleeding on injured areas of the body. It is important to seek medical treatment after an accident.

Whiplash Injury

Spinal injuries are among the next common and most serious. Whiplash is typically due to improperly wearing the seatbelt or sitting in the seat at an angle. Due to sudden extension and retraction of the neck, the soft tissue is affected. Sitting forward and keeping the seat belt in front of, crossing across the chest is ideal. Putting the chest peace behind is not effective enough. Reduce the risk of whiplash by also sitting back into your seat.

Back & Neck Pain After Car Accident

Resulting in costly medical treatment, back and neck injuries can often occur. Spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and herniated discs develop from the neck and back injuries. Your head can suddenly jerk forward and snap back (whiplash), causing severe neck injuries when you are rear ended. The results can leave the body shocked and ranging pain associated with it. Proper seat belt wearing and sitting in the seat can reduce the risk of such injuries. Low-speed accidents often results in severe spinal injuries. Cut or bruised spines can be the outcome as well. Permanent paralysis is the result of the most severe type of injury in an accident. Avoid these serious problems Keeping the seat belt on at all times and ensure your head is positioned centered in alignment while riding in the vehicle. More minor results are the herniated discs, and this is when one more multiple vertebra in the spine shifts out of place or ruptures. Mobility and comfort are affected when people experience herniated discs.

Knee Trauma from Car Accident

Extreme pain is felt in the kneecaps and ligaments with they have been damaged as they are prone to striking the dashboard during a traffic collision. If you see the collision coming, and you have options, you can attempt absorb the impact by placing and object between our knees and the dashboard, the passenger seat ahead of you if you are in the back. Ensuring you keep your vehicle well-maintained can help prevent knee trauma.

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Defensive driving and using caution can help prevent many accidents from occurring and avoiding accidents associated with them. However, as mentioned, it can be the fault of another driver, or unpreventable circumstances that cause an accident. Always seek medical treatment soon after, even if the accident seems minuscule. When you need fast accident response towing services in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, call Citywide Towing Service!

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