Tips to Prevent Wear, Tear & Other Damage when Towing a Vehicle in Balch Springs, TX

Requiring a towing service to tow your vehicle, in most cases, indicates a frustrating and inconvenient day. Being involved in an accident or experiencing mechanical failure puts you behind in the day. A rather infuriating event that adds insult to injury is having your vehicle damaged in the towing process. Reputable towing companies, such as Citywide Towing, does everything in their power to ensure the vehicle does not sustain damage. However, unless you have experience with a specific towing company, you rarely know what quality of service you are getting. Today we at Citywide Towing would like to share a few tips that can protect your vehicle from damage during a tow service.

How to Prevent Damage when Towing a Vehicle

1) Make sure you release the emergency brake. Whether you pull the brake on out of habit, or just to ensure the down vehicle does not roll away, it makes sense to a lot of folks to put the emergency brake on. If you are getting a traditional, two wheel tow, or the wheel lift towing service, having the brake activated can cause some serious damage to the vehicle. The car is safe to tow with two wheels on the road when releasing the brake and it will keep your brakes from enduring damage. Although you need to make certain the non-driving wheels are on the ground when dealing with automatic transmission, the tow can be done in park as well. Additionally, with the brake off when in park, manual transmission vehicles are fine to be towed on any wheels. The brakes are less of an issue when having a flatbed towing service, as no wheels are on the road, however you will want to make sure the brake is off while the vehicle is being pulled onto the platform. Generally, a well-trained and experienced tow truck driver will make sure the brake is off and is prepared to be hooked up and towed, such as the professionals of Citywide Towing.
2) Roll up the windows. Rolling up the windows is often an over-looked detail when the vehicle is getting towed. With so much on your mind, ensuring the windows are up are probably the last thing you think about. Keeping the windows will prevent the dust and debris from settling inside the vehicle, which contributes to the damage of the upholstery. Make sure before the vehicle is towed that the windows are fully up.
3) Take pictures before towing vehicle. Before the tow truck gets to your destination, use your handy cellphone to take pictures of every angle. Not only will having the pictures for your insurance help after an accident, but it will give you evidence should the tow company inflicts further damage. Just remember, taking photos does not prevent damage, just simply gives you assurance you covered yourself before the towing service.

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Citywide Towing knows that being in circumstances where you need a tow is likely to having some bad luck and we do not want to continue to dampen your day. Our professionals take all the necessary precautions to provide a safe and reliable tow. When your vehicle needs a tow or roadside assistance in the Greater Dallas, Texas area, call Citywide Towing.

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