Tire Plug VS Radial Patch for Puncture Repair of Flat Tires in Hutchins, TX & When to Repair or Replace

At some point in all of our lives, if you drive a car, you will likely experience a flat tire of some kind. The thought can be unnerving. Especially when you think about getting a flat tire as you are driving down the road; which can be a dangerous situation if it isn’t handled well. Flat tires can vary between blow outs to a simple flat. What’s more is there are different ways to go about getting it repaired too. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about the difference between a tire plug or a radial patch to repair a flat tire and which one is better.

Difference Between a Tire Plug & a Radial Patch

When facing the decision between a tire plug and radial patch to fix your flat tire, it is important that you know what the difference between the two methods are. Here is an explanation to help clear things up a bit.
Tire Plug: While more expensive than the radial patch, tire plugs are long pieces of rubber that are inserted into the hole in the tire. They will expand and plug off any air from escaping. This is a simple way to solve your flat tire issue and can be completed without even removing the tire from the wheel. Sometimes this can be done while the tire is even still on the vehicle. While many people swear by this method, there are some that question it still as a viable solution to a flat tire.
Radial Tire Patch: Most of the tires found on the road today are radial tires. The radial patch is the patch that is placed on the inside of the tire to plug off the hole from whatever damage the tire sustained. To apply the radial patch, the tire must be removed from the wheel so that the patch can be applied over the puncture. While this is a process that takes a bit longer than the plug, it is a tried and true way to solve a flat tire issue.

Tire Repair VS When to Replace Tires

While many flat tires are able to be repaired, there are instances where you will have to replace the tire rather than fix it. If the damage to the tire is in the tread, the tire will most likely be repairable. That is, if the tire wasn’t driven on at all. Once a flat tire has been driven on, it will need to replaced entirely. If the damage to the tire is in the sidewall, the tire will need to be replaced as well.

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