Tire Wear Patterns Guide in Grand Prairie, TX; Uneven Tire Wearing on the Inside & Outside, Feathering, Bent Wheels & More

Getting a flat tire is rather a common problem. Additionally many tire problems lead many people to believe that their vehicle is having other problems when in fact it could be due to their tire wear patterns. Most people don’t realize that their tires wear down in different patterns and each can create different types of performance problems with your vehicle. Citywide Towing will cover the different types of tire wear patterns and how they affect your vehicle.

Tire Wear Patterns Guide

There are many types of wear patterns tires can get, either by the way the person drives the vehicle, or even by the road itself. Here is the break down and the causes of different tire wear patterns.
Air Pressure –Irregular air pressure can create a specific wear on tires. The design of the wear on the tire can be determined whether the air pressure is to high or low.
Balance Issues – Imbalance of the tire’s air pressure can make the tires wobble while the vehicle is in motion. When the tire wobbles when in use this can cause the side wall of the tire to separate which can feel like vibration in the wheels.
Bent Wheels – When the rim of which the tire is set on is bent can cause the vehicle to vibrate as well. When the rim or wheel of the tire is bent this can create many different types of wear patterns on the tire or tires.
Alignment – Alignment is designed to assist in keeping the tires aligned properly, which helps to maintain an even wear pattern on your tires. When the tire gets out of alignment this will create an uneven wear pattern on your tires which can cause many other types of tire problems. Irregular patterns can also help you identify future problems with your vehicle. Below are the different types of wear patterns that are known to appear on tires when there are additional problems with your vehicle.
One Shoulder – The side of the tire or shoulder has been worn down; this is commonly due to alignment problems. For example, an incorrect chamber is one of those problems. Eventually you will need to replace your tire or if discovered early enough the alignment can be corrected by rotating your tires.
Scalloping or Feathering – Scalloping or feathering is when the shoulder tread block of the tire is wearing off or where some of the sides of the tread block are higher than others. When scalloping or featuring occurs you will hear a distinct fluttering sound when driving.
Double Shoulder – When both sides of the tire’s shoulder are having wear patterns this is due to the rather common problem of under-inflation or too low air pressure in the tires.
Center Rib – When only the center of the tire is worn down. This occurs when the pressure is too high in the tires. Release some of the pressure in the tire if this wear pattern occurs.
Spot Shoulder – When a single area or spot of the tire is worn down is often due to a bent rim or wheel. The bend can be either on the outside or inside of the rim. This is why when a spot shoulder wear pattern is discovered; check both sides of the rim.
Lateral Wear – When lateral wear pattern occurs your vehicle may feel like it wobbles when driven. When lateral wear occurs it is most commonly due to an alignment problem. However this can also occur when the wheels are on a slant.

Tire Changes for Flat Tires in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

It is wise to often inspect your tires on your vehicle to determine their condition. Most vehicular fails are due to tire problems. Citywide Towing provides road side assistance and can help if you need help changing your tires if they fail. Contact Citywide Towing for roadside assistance, towing and much more.

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