Tire Went Flat Overnight or Frequent Flat Tires in Wylie, TX? Avoid Road Hazards, Wear & More

A flat tire is something that can put your day into chaos. You want to be able to go out to your car, get in, and take off on your day ahead. Most people have their days mapped out and full so that if anything were to cause a disturbance it can shift the whole day. You may not be able to get all the errands done that you intended on and that can affect your mood and of course your schedule as you try and make up for lost time. You might come out of work and notice that you have a flat tire, or you could be driving done the street and your tire can become flat. You want to avoid at all costs driving on a tire that is flat. Some people think that for a tire to be flat it has to be sunken all the way. This is not true because your tire can be low in air so much so that when you drive on it damage will occur. You want to make sure that you keep an eye on your tires and if they are low or flat you have the car towed or you call roadside assistance. We can come and change out your flat tire for a spare.

Citywide Towing Service Answers “Why Do I Keep Getting Flat Tires on My Car?”

Biggest Road Hazards: Road hazards are a huge part of what causes tires to become flat. Of course most people know that they need to look out for large objects. This can be something that has fallen off another vehicle or blown into the road from the weather. That is not the only hazard that you need to keep on the lookout for. You also could end up with a flat tire from smaller hazards as well. If you are in a construction site you may come across bolts, screws and nails. These can get stuck in your tire and it will allow the air to slowly leak out. The other thing you need to look for are potholes in the road. The potholes are often created from weather and rain that eat away at the road. This will create a hole that if you hit it can cause the tire to blow out.
Damaged Rim or Dented Wheel: You might think that the tire is the only thing that can cause your tire to become flat but that is not true. You may not realize but if your wheel has become damaged it can cause the tire to not be able to hold air. The rim is part of the bead that holds the tire in place and allows air to fill the space. When the rim has been bent or broken the air will not be able to hold and the tire will be flat. If you notice that you have a wheel that has been damaged you want to make sure that you have your car towed and purchase a new wheel to replace it.
Tire Wear Problems: The tire is also more susceptible to being damaged and becoming flat if it is worn down. The tread should be at a certain depth and the rubber should not be dried out. If you start to notice this, the tire should be replaced. This will help to prevent a flat tire.

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