Top 10 Driving Distractions & Causes of Car Accidents in Cockrell Hill, TX; Texting, Eating & More

Accidents happen every day. Car manufacturers seem to come up with new safety features every year. New cars are loaded with sensors and cameras, but you should not rely on them to keep you accident free. When you are operating a car it requires undivided attention, regardless of all the cool ways your car can help keep you safe.

Top 10 Distractions That Lead to Accidents

1. Cellphones. When you’re talking on your cellphone or checking out your social media you are a distracted driver and are not paying attention to the road.
2. Texting. Our cell phones are equipped with texting and when you text while you drive your eyes are not on the road. There will be delayed reactions and accidents can occur.
3. Grooming. Make sure you’re ready for the day before you leave the house. Don’t wait until you’re driving to determine if you’re ready to be seen in public!
4. Eating & Drinking. Like driving, eating is something else you should do without any distractions. Spilled drinks and food dumped on your lap will cause you to lose concentration.
5. Passengers. While talking with the passengers in your car seems innocent you can become distracted and less focused on the road ahead of you. If a conversation becomes distracting while driving, it’s best to pull off to the side of the road.
6. Navigation systems. Always map your destination onto your navigation system before you start driving so you won’t need to do it while you’re driving.
7. Reading. Trying to process written information while you’re driving is never a good idea.
8. Videos. Watching movies while driving is ridiculous and of course dangerous.
9. Adjusting audio. If a song you don’t like comes on while you’re driving, it’s best to just grin and bear it than try to find another song. If you’re stopped at a light, then go for it.
10. Looking at the view. It can be hard to ignore the view while you’re driving. Take stops along the way to look at the scenery.

Texting & Driving Facts

Texting and driving seems to the biggest distraction you hear about today.
• 43 States prohibit drivers from texting while they’re driving.
• You are 28 more times more likely to get into an accident if you text while your drive.
• At a minimum, 5 seconds is the minimum amount of attention a driver takes away from the road when texting and driving.
• Teens that text and drive spend 10% of their time on the road outside their lane.
• 97% of teens will tell you they think it’s dangerous to text and drive, but 43% will do it anyway.
• 10% of drivers under 20 years of age that are involved in a fatal crash were found to have been distracted when the crash happened.

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These distractions are not worth getting into an accident that can be life changing or fatal. If you do get into an accident, need roadside assistance or towing services, contact Citywide Towing for help. Drive safe!

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