Top Causes of Flat Tires to Avoid a Tire Change in Rowlett, TX; Punctures, Sidewall Damage & More

Experiencing a flat tire or a blow out at some point in your driving career is something everyone endures. There is never a convenient time to get a flat tire, but they always seem to happen on the busiest roads when you lack a spare or the right tools. When you are stuck in such a predicament, call the experts of Citywide Towing Service to provide our roadside services and get your problem resolved quickly. There are a few things that cause a flat tire, and we would like to take the opportunity to share the most contributing causes to flat tires.

Why Do I Keep Getting Flat Tires?

Puncture Holes: The roads, parking lots, and even your driveway or garage floor can easily be riddled with fallen debris strong enough to puncture a hole in your tire. At just the right angle, rolling over the top of any of these objects will undoubtedly result in a flat tire. Nails, industrial staples, and screws are the most common of the offending debris that causes the puncture holes. Glass can also contribute to flat tires but the glass isn’t strong enough to puncture, but it is still capable of inflicting enough damage to the tread and compromise the structural integrity of the tire. If the nail or other object gets dislodged from your tire, depending on how big the hole, the leak can stream low to moderate or even rapidly. After putting air in your tire and it loses the PSI quickly soon thereafter, the leak is obvious. You can probably get your car there in time before additional damage to the tire occurs if the leak is slow if you are near a mechanic or a tire specialist. If not Citywide Towing Service can come to your and provide a tire change or even a tow if necessary.
Sidewall Damage: Another cause to flat tires is sidewall damage. The tire is then deemed irreparable and will require replacing when the sidewall of the tire becomes damaged. When there is sidewall damage the tire separates into the layers on the sides of the tire that allow for flexibility and movement. By cutting into the curb at just the right angle, sidewall damage occurs because taking a turn too fast the tire gets scraped on the curb creating friction and with the right pressure; your tire will flatten or even blow out.
Additional Flat Tire Causes: Poor installation, age, “balding”, or the spout not properly sealed can also contribute to the tire being unable to contain the air.

Inspect Tires & Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Prior to driving, get in the habit of inspecting your tires for signs of wear and use a tire air gauge to check the pressure. Depending on the tire, dictates how much pressure air pressure is required. If you do not know take the time to research the correct amount.

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