Top Causes of Tire Failure in Dallas, TX; Under Inflated Tires, Uneven Tread Wear, Road Hazard Damage & More

When a tire blows out unexpectedly, or you are out running errands only to discover upon your return that you have a flat tire, you are left stranded on the road. During the hot summer the ground can become so unbearably hot that changing the tire can be very uncomfortable and even painful. When flats or blowouts occur you can change your tire yourself or contact roadside assistance services to come and help you. However, a number of blowouts or flats can be prevented. Citywide Towing Service will share the top most common causes for tire failures and how they can be prevented.

Under Inflated Tires

One of the more common causes for tires to fail is due to under inflation or over inflated tires. When there isn’t enough air in the tires, the tire becomes too flexible. When tires become flexible the inner side walls are weakened which will lead to a blowout. When the inner walls become too weak, the inner lining separates from the outer tire wall which allows pressure to build up and pop like a balloon. To prevent an unexpected blowout while on the road it is important to check the tire pressure. Tires can leak out very slowly over time or pressure can decrease due to a sudden drop in temperature. It is a good practice to check your tire’s pressure every three months to ensure the tire has the right amount of air pressure.

Uneven Tread Wear

Tires will develop flats or blowout when the tire develops irregular tire wear patterns rapidly. When tires develop odd tire wear patterns, and it happens in a short period of time, this often points to a mechanical problem. The two common issues that cause rapid irregular wear problems is when there is a misalignment or worn suspension. When there is a misalignment often the side of the tire will be completely worn down. This wear pattern can occur on one or all four tires depending on how the vehicle is misaligned. When there is a worn suspension, the edges of the tire appear to be worn down more at the center of the tire. When the edge or siding of the tire begins to wear down rapidly, it is strongly encouraged that you seek mechanical aid to determine why your tires are wearing down rapidly and repair the problem to prevent blowout or future flats.

Road Hazard Damage to Tires

The next major culprit for a flat tire is road hazards. Poor road conditions such as pot holes can put sudden stress on a tire which can cause it to blowout or flatten. Running over road debris is never a good idea either. Always avoid foreign material on the road if possible. This requires drivers to pay attention on what is ahead of the road to avoid debris without the need for sudden lane changes which can cause an accident. Road debris can occur at any time. However, during times of high winds, the chance of road debris encounters greatly increase.

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