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Tow trucks have been around since 1916 when Ernest Holmes put the first one on the street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. An A-frame on the cut down body of a Cadillac with a hand cranked winch served as the first wrecker to roam the roads. A few problems where inherent in this early design. The towed vehicle was suspended from a cable. Ever try stopping when pulling a vehicle with straps, chains or cables? Stopping is a problem as the towed vehicle will roll into the back of the tow truck.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

A frame was needed to control the towed vehicle. So, the stinger was invented. This had frames that wrapped front and rear of the vehicle’s tires, front or back of the vehicle, the idea was to lift the drive wheels off the ground. Cable version were first then Holmes’ descendants incorporated hydraulics to the system and the modern tow was born.

Towing Dolly

Other technologies assisted in the transport of inoperable vehicles. Wheel dollies are devices with their own frames and wheels. The towed vehicle is lifted, and the dollies are inserted under the tires, secured with straps and aid towing in taking the weight of the vehicle and provide a rolling ride for collapsed front ends locking tires or to just save the powertrain of the vehicle (powertrains are the transmission, drive line(s) and differentials.)

Flatbed Tow Truck with Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems allow for self-loading by the operator. Back the stinger until contact with the front frame, flip a lever or press a button and the rear swings into place, lift the stinger and leave. Great system for repos.
The other primary system in use in the United States is the tilting flat bed. Hydraulic to the rescue. Hydraulics slide the bed to the rear, and tilt the bed allowing a winch to pull the vehicle onto the bed. Tilt the bed in the raised position, slide forward to wards the cab and a strapped down vehicle is in route to its destination.
In Europe a popular technology is a flat bed truck with a crane. Pull up to the meter expired parallel parked vehicle. Swing the over pick the car up with special spreaders and frames to avoid damage. Swing the vehicle onto the bed, secure and leave.

Towing Company Mission Statements

The primary goal of a tow operator to transfer a vehicle from the street to another point. Do it safely, legal and without any tow related damage to the vehicle. Tow trucks clean up after accidents and abandoned vehicles on our highways and byways. When law enforcement makes an arrest, drunk driver or criminal matters the officer is responsible for the suspect’s vehicle and contents. That is the reason officers will tow a defendants vehicle incident to arrest, unless on private property or if the defend will sign a waiver of liability and their vehicle is legally parked. Some tow companies run their own impound yards with in some jurisdictions the police with run their own or lease their own yards or subcontract a yard for police matters.

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