Tow Truck Operator & Wrecker Driver’s Job in Balch Springs, TX; Driving on Roads Safely & More

Few people take the time to consider the other side of the coin. When you need a tow or even roadside assistance, most make a phone call that a dispatch operator answers and after getting the basic information, they send out one of their elite to come and rescue you from your current predicament. You may have a few quick questions or exchange a light conversation with your hero, but few consider the challenges the tow truck driver faces. With that in mind, we at Citywide Towing would like to share some of those common challenges your trained professional faces on the job in an effort to help consumers remember that the tow trucker is still only human.

Tow Truck Operator & Wrecker Driver’s Job

1) Driving & navigating roads safely. Manning a huge tow truck is a lot different than an average vehicle on the road. The power and solid force designed to carry the weight of fallen vehicles is remarkable in itself if you take a moment to think about it. But considering the hazards of the road that every driver faces; debris, potholes, or even wild animals added with the bulky mass of the tow truck, it is nothing to be taken lightly. The tow truck driver must have a strong situational awareness on virtually any road they drive on in order to spot potential risks.
2) Driving in poor weather conditions. It is never enjoyable for most drivers on the road to experience the poor weather conditions on their commute. A massive truck in the same weather with another vehicle attached to it can put the situation in perspective. Day to day vehicles can have problems in extreme weathers and often, require a tow because of the situations. Just as you had difficulty, consider the tow truck driver traversing the same conditions in a safe and efficient manner.
3) Irresponsible motorists on the road. One of the biggest safety concerns that tow truck driver’s face is loading the vehicle that needs to be towed. The busier the road gets the higher the safety risk as there is always the chance of other drivers hitting the tow truck operator while they are doing their job. Poor drivers are a nightmare for all motorists on the road. Not only do the drivers fear getting hit while conducting their job, but once in transit poor drivers can hinder the efficiency of the driver just as they do others on the road.
4) Disgruntled automobile owners. There are many situations where owners of a vehicle can give the tow truck driver a hard time. The stress of the situation, whether an accident or mechanical problems will leave the owner overwhelmed, causing them to lash out at the driver is fairly common. But the most common challenge is the tow truck operator dealing with the vehicle’s owner when they are towing the vehicle during a repossession. Too many are quick to take a violent approach to deal with the problem, an unfair reaction to the tow truck driver as he has nothing to do with the reasons but is only doing his job.

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