Towing & Auto Wrecker Equipment in Irving, TX; Purpose of Flatbed & Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

There are many different situations where towing or roadside assistance is needed. However each situation may require a slightly different type of towing equipment or vehicle. Because most people are unaware of the different equipment involved in towing or their purpose Citywide Towing would like to explain the main components or equipment used during towing to better explain the process, so our customers understand what’s happening and what to expect the next time they may need their vehicle towed by Citywide Towing.

Auto Wrecker & Towing Equipment

Each vehicle size and weight will dictate the type of equipment used. Some of the regular types of equipment used are Booms, Hook and Chains, Flat Bed tow trucks, Wheel lift tow trucks, and Integrated. Boom is a type of equipment that is often used on several types of tow trucks. A boom is an adjustment winch which helps to recover a vehicle that may be stuck in an embankment or ditch. In other words it is the tool towing truck companies use to winch out vehicles that became stuck in mud, sand, or snow. Another type of equipment that is used for similar scenarios is called a sling or belt lift. However both a sling, belt or chain are wrapped around the vehicle’s axles to pull upward by the boom. In some cases special rubberized mats are used on the other side of the axles to help give more traction, but not often due to stronger and more modern booms.

Wheel Lift & Integrated Tow Trucks

There are two major types of tow trucks used; wheel lift and flatbed tow trucks. The vehicle’s condition, weight or size determines which type of tow truck is used. The typically light weight vehicle that is in working condition that has broken down can be towed with a wheel lift towing truck. Wheel lift tow trucks will either lift the front or back end of the vehicle and tow or pull the grounded side of the vehicle. A similar tow truck to the wheel lift is the Integrated which uses the same type of towing method and is often classified or considered as a wheel lift tow truck due to the similarities. However an integrated tow truck uses a device that goes underneath the front tires of the vehicle, lifts the front end, and suspends it while it is being towed. The wheel lift tow truck does the same but instead of a crane that suspends the vehicle, it uses a dolly like device that goes under the vehicle and secures it to the bed of the tow truck.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are the second most common type of towing method used by towing companies. Often flatbeds are called out when the vehicle isn’t operating or unable to be moved due to severe damage or other problems. However some will request to have a flatbed tow truck for their vehicle in the event the owner doesn’t wish their vehicle to be transported on the ground. Often luxury or classic cars are towed using a flatbed truck for the added security of the vehicle. Of course, both wheel lift and flatbed tow trucks secure the vehicle that is being towed with chain and hook, or heavy duty straps to insure the vehicle doesn’t deattach from the tow truck.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

These are some of the basic equipment and their uses that are designed to help tow or even winch out a vehicle. It’s important to know what’s going on when you need your vehicle towed. By understanding what different kinds of equipment used for towing purposes will hopefully give you more peace of mind in the event you need your vehicle towed. Citywide Towing provides roadside assistance, towing, and winch out services. If you are in need of help and our services can help you, contact Citywide Towing. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days week.

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