Towing & Roadside Assistance During Social Distancing in Sunnyvale, TX; Citywide Towing Service is Open!

The World is at a standstill with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. The virus is a new problem that the world has never seen and has been spreading so fast that the only way to get a hold on it is to enact some social distancing. This is when each person does their part to try and stay away from each other and leave a six foot gap between them and the person nearest them. There are some areas in the country that have taken it a step further and have asked that people do more than that and close their business and stay home. The more people that stay home the better and the faster we can all get back to regular life. This is a hardship on many people but you still have to go out to get the essentials. This means that there are needs that are going to be met and some people that continue to have to work. One thing that you will need is your vehicle in a good working condition. If your car breaks down you will need to have a tow company to transport your car to a mechanic to get it repaired. Citywide Towing Service explains more about towing during social distancing.

Where Can You Drive During Shelter in Place?

One of the things you want to make sure that you are doing during social distancing is to only go out when you need to. This might be to fill your car up with gas, get food and water or to see a doctor if you are in need. The other daily errands that you might be running should be placed on hold. That means that you will need to leave the house and get in your car when necessary. The needs might be once a week or more depending on what you can find when you are out. You want to avoid places where lots of people are congregating and getting together. When you are out you want to keep your distance from others.

Car Breakdown During Quarantine

There are lots of people that are not going out for some things such as oil changes and getting gas on a regular basis. The problem is that your car can run out of gas or have problems with the oil that is old and getting thick and dirty. The other issue you can have is that your car was already in need of repair and will not be able to make it without the repair. You may have avoided the repairs for some time and now that you are in a social distancing circumstance that means you might have a break down. You will need to call a tow truck out to get your car in for a repair.

Can a Tow Truck Come Out During Lockdown?

Even during social distancing you can call for necessary services such as a tow truck. If your vehicle has been broken down on the side of the road you can still use a tow service. They can come out and keep their distance and still get your vehicle moved so that it is safe.

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Citywide Towing Service can come out to your location and provide towing and roadside assistance even during social distancing. Call us today!

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