Troubleshooting Car Making Loud Noise when Starting, Accelerating & Driving in Sunnyvale, TX

Every time you drive your car it makes all sorts of noises. Do you know the sounds your vehicle makes when it is operating properly? If you are like most drivers you probably have the radio on or some other noise blocking out the sounds your car makes on a daily basis. When your car starts making noises that are not common you probably will be able to hear them over your radio. What do you do when your car starts to make abnormal noises? Citywide Towing Service has compiled a list of noises that you should be concerned about if your vehicle begins to make them.

My Car is Making a Whistling Noise when I Accelerate or Brake

Whistling noises can come from a few different places. If you hear the whistling sound when your car is driving you probably have an issue with the weather-stripping in your car or one of the hoses in your car. The weather-stripping in your car could be loose and the whistling you hear is air coming in through the cracks in your car doors as your drive. Your car has more than one different type of hose that helps your engine function. Hoses can become cracked and cause whistling noises that can be heard when you are driving. If the whistling is still going on when your car is turned off you will want to check out your radiator pressure cap. If the rubber gasket on the cap is broken air will leak out of your radiator after your car is turned off and cause a whistling sound.

Car Making Squeaking Noise when Driving Slow

One of the most common noises that people will complain about is squeaking and squealing. Your car will typically squeal as you push on the brakes. If your car is making a squealing sound you probably need to replace your brake pads. If you do not replace your brake pads when you start to hear the squealing it could lead to a larger repair being needed. New rotors can be needed if you drive along too long on brake pads that are not doing their job properly.

Car Makes Rattling Noise when Idle

Every engine makes a noise when it is idling but if your car begins idling too loudly it could be an issue. If your car is idling loudly it could be a sign that you need to have your compression cylinder looked at. If your compression cylinder is not working properly there can be higher pressure in the cylinder. This can cause the engine to idle loudly. It can also produce a knocking sound. You will want to have this looked at immediately to prevent further damage to other parts of your engine.

Car Makes Whirring Noise when Starting or Accelerating

You may hear your car making a whirring or humming sound. There are a number of things that can be wrong with your car if you hear this noise. This sound can be caused by a belt that needs to be replaced, your car may need more oil, your transmission could be going out, or you could have an issue with your bearings. All of these problems will need attention sooner rather than later.

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In addition to the sounds listed above your car might also be hearing knocking, banging, popping, or grinding sounds from your vehicle. No matter what abnormal noise your vehicle is making we suggest that you get it looked at immediately. If you do not check out these noises you could end up on the side of the road needing a tow. We hope this doesn’t happen but if it does call Citywide Towing and we will get your car towed to the mechanic of your choice.

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