Troubleshooting & Diagnosing Car Problems in Coppell, TX; Leaking Fluids, Gas Smells & More

Your car is a part of your life that most people depend on. If you need to get to work, school, the store or out with friends you need to be able to get there. Your vehicle is the way that most people get around and that is why you want to take good care of them. Your vehicle has some regular maintenance and care that you have to take part in to keep it running. Of course you need to add gas to the car, check the engine oil and air up the tires. These are all common things that people do to care for their car but what do you do if there are larger problems. At some point you will be faced with car trouble that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. It is important to know what you are looking for and how to spot a problem. Four of your five senses can help you to know if there is trouble coming with your vehicle.

Citywide Towing Explains How You Can Use Your Senses to Identify Trouble With Your Car or Truck

Sense of Sight to See Fluids Leaking from Car: You have a pair of eyes that you use to see the world around you. Eyesight is such a great tool when you need to choose an object, match colors, drive a car and so much more. The other thing is that you can use your sense of sight to see signs that you are in trouble. That is what you can do when it comes to your car. Use your eyesight to check for any liquids that might be coming from your car. This can be from under the hood or engine and even from the axles and wheels. You want to check for the color of the liquid to determine if it could be water, oil, gas or even coolant that could be coming from your car. These liquids should not drip from your car so if you see it you want to have it checked right away.
Sense of Smell to Detect Gas or Burning: You can probably pick out your favorite dinner before you even see it simply by the smell. If you want to pick out a new perfume the smell says it all. When it comes to your car your sense of smell can alert you to a potential problem. The smell of gas in the cab of the car is a problem as well as burning. The burning can be from your brakes or even the electrical wiring.
Sense of Hearing to Listen for Squealing & Other Sounds from Car: If you are driving down the road you use your sense of hearing to alert that an emergency vehicle is coming your way. You also can use your hearing to listen for sounds that don’t seem right coming from your car. This can be squealing from belts, scraping from brakes and clicking from the engine. These are all new sounds that are not normal and are trying to tell you that your car is in need of service.
Sense of Touch to Feel Car Handling: When you drive down the street you know when there is a change in how it feels. If your steering wheel seems to be tugging one way or the car is bouncing more than normal you want to stop and have it checked. This could be a problem with a tire of even the alignment of the car. When you start the car you may notice that you have to hold the key longer to get the vehicle to turn over. If you notice a problem that you can feel when using your car that is new or different it is best to have your car towed to a repair shop.

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