Troubleshooting & Diagnostics of Car Starter, Battery & Alternator Electrical Problems in Dallas, TX; No Power, Flickering Dashboard Lights & More

Car problems seem to come at the most inconvenient times. Some of the most frustrating car problems vehicle owners run into lies in the electrical system of their car. There are usually three areas of concern that include the alternator, starter or battery. Figuring out which one is the culprit can be confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for, and nobody has time to waste with a car that won’t start. Citywide Towing is here to walk you through some of the common signs of a problem with these three components of your car.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

Your alternator is important because it recharges your battery and keeps your car running. One of the biggest signs of a problem with your alternator is a car stall. When you are using your car and it is running, it shouldn’t turn off for no reason. If the engine suddenly stops running and your car stalls, this is indicative of an alternator problem. Other indications include flickering lights, power windows that won’t work and even problems with your air conditioner not working. When these electrical components of your car are having a hard time working, this means your alternator is having a difficult time supplying them with the energy they need.

Signs of a Bad Car Battery

For obvious reasons, every car needs a battery to run properly. When you start having problems with your battery, you will most likely be stuck for a while until your battery is replaced. The most common sign of a faulty battery is a car that won’t start at all. The engine will not turn over at all and you will be unable to start the vehicle. Another sign of battery problems is the smell of rotten eggs. If your battery is shorting out, it causes a chemical reaction that produce sulfuric acid and smells bad. Other signs include a swollen battery case, sluggish engine, and excessive corrosion around the battery.

Bad Starter Solenoid Problems

Unlike no sound whatsoever when you turn the key to turn on your car with battery problems, you will hear a grinding noise when you have starter problems. The pistons in your car are unable to rotate and pull in air to combust with fuel to start the car. If you are having a difficult time getting your car to start, it is best to quit trying because you run the risk of causing more damage to the engine of your car.

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The electrical system in your car is very complex and when one component of the system fails, it can cause a chain reaction. If you find yourself with electrical problems in your car, the expert mechanics at Citywide Towing can help diagnose and fix the problem. With the right tools and training, we will have you on the road in no time. Call us today!

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