Understanding Towing Terms in Rowlett, TX; How is Tow Capacity Calculated & More

If you are new to towing, there are many terms that are used in the towing world that you may not understand. It is important to completely understand what these terms mean so that you are towing safely. Citywide Towing Service is here to explain some of the most common towing terms so that you can be better prepared the next time you find yourself needing to pull something with your vehicle.

What Do Common Tow Truck Terms Mean?

Following are some of the most common terms used in the towing world.
Towing Capability: Before you can tow anything, you need to know what your towing capability is. You can find this in your vehicle’s manufacturer manual.
Curb Weight: This is the weight of your vehicle before any fluids or liquids are put in it. This is also the weight without any cargo like a spare tire and other items.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: This is the most your vehicle can weigh as still operate. This would include passengers, cargo, fluids and the pin/tongue weight of your trailer.
Gross Combined Weight Rating: This is the maximum amount of weight our vehicle can tow. This includes the weight of the vehicle, passengers, trailer, cargo and more. To exceed this would cause significant damage to your vehicle.
Gross Axle Weight Rating: The maximum weight that can be supported on a single axle.
Tongue Weight: The amount of weight that a trailer applies to the tow ball is the tongue weight. You can count on this being usually about 15% of the trailer’s total weight.
Gross Trailer Weight Rating: This is the maximum weight of your trailer when it is loaded to capacity.

Safe Towing Practices

Before you get ready to tow any trailer or other cargo, it is important that you know how to do so safely. Following are some safety tips to ensure your towing is a success.
Stay Within Your Towing Limits: You should never tow more than your vehicle can handle. Make sure you know your vehicle’s towing capabilities before you set out to tow any cargo.
Pack the Towing Trailer Properly: It is important that you load your trailer properly to ensure it can handle it. 60% of the weight of your load should be placed over the front half of the trailer. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed from one side to the other as well.
Check Tires & Lights Before Towing a Vehicle: Your tires should be properly inflated and your lights need to be functioning as well to keep you safe as you tow.
Check Brakes & Mirrors when Towing: Your brakes should be in good working order as they will have to work harder when you are towing a load. You need to properly adjust your mirrors as well so that you can see past the end of the trailer.

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