Useful & Safe Driving Tips for New Teenage Drivers to Avoid a Car Crash in Rowlett, TX

Sending your new driver out on the open road can be terrifying. The statistics of teen drivers and accidents aren’t pretty numbers. The new level of anxiousness is unavoidable, but you can make sure your teen is as prepared as possible before they set off on their own. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some safety tips that are perfect for not only teen drivers, but any driver on the road to follow.

Speeding & Teenage Driving

Being on time to things is a good life skill to have. If your teen is on time, they are less likely to experience stress while they are driving. When your teen gives themselves ample time to get to their location, they are less likely to speed, run stop signs/lights and will ensure they are more cautious as they drive.

Teen Drivers Should Limit Number of Passengers

When you limit the amount of passengers in your teen’s car, you will also be limiting the amount of distractions in the car. Did you know that the risk of an accident doubles with every fellow teen that is in the car with your new driver? Limit the amount of passengers to avoid a higher fatal car accident risk.

Dangers of Using Phone While Driving

Phones are the cause of accidents on a daily basis. There is simply no need to have the phone on and in hand when driving. They can let parents know when they are leaving a location and put their phone out of reach so that they aren’t tempted to pick it up. This is a huge problem for adults and teenagers alike.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

This simple task could end up saving lives. It is always good practice to buckle up and ensure all passengers are buckled up before your teen puts their car in drive. If there is ever an accident, you will be glad that everyone was wearing a seatbelt.

Stay Awake & Aware while Driving

Tired drivers are almost as dangerous as a driver that is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If your teen had a late night or an especially early morning, it may be in their best interest to pass up the opportunity to drive that day. It is of upmost importance that they are awake and alert and any time they are behind the wheel of a car.

Be Prepared for Driving in Bad Weather

There is a big difference between driving in optimal road conditions and driving when there is rain or snow on the road. Make sure your teen has gotten the proper training in these conditions before they try them on their own. Your teen needs to have confidence when you are faced with any sort of inclement weather.

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