Vehicle Fluids List to Help Prevent a Car Breakdown & Need for a Tow Truck in Farmers Branch, TX

In order for any vehicle to function properly it requires each electrical and mechanical component working correctly and with all the necessary fluids. As a car owner, it is important to know all of the inner workings of an automobile. Citywide Towing Service is going to break down the essential fluids that vehicles use. By knowing what fluids your vehicle uses will hopefully prevent future stall-outs or breakdowns in the future.

What Are All the Fluids in a Car?

Motor Oil – One of the most important fluids that all internal combustion engine vehicles use is the motor oil. The job of motor oil is to lubricate all of the internal moving parts of the vehicle’s engine crankcase. Lubrication is important in preventing high friction and overheating that can damage and destroy the pistons, valves, and various other components. If an engine is running for an extended period of time the engine will seize up and completely make the engine unusable and beyond repair.
Brake Fluid – Equal to motor oil, brake fluid is another essential fluid in terms of safety. A vehicle’s brake system is a fully-sealed network of hydraulic pressure that controls or gives the vehicle its ability to stop. As the driver presses on the brakes or brake pedal the brake fluid compresses which is what transfers the hydraulic force into the pad and shoes or better known as the brake pads of your vehicle. This is what brings the vehicle to a stop.
Coolant – When a vehicle overheats it is commonly due to no or low coolant levels. Coolant is comprised of 50% water and 50% specialized radiator coolant. However, depending on your climate this ratio can vary. As a vehicle engine runs it will begin to heat up. When it does, the coolant transfers fluid and cycles throughout the engine collecting or removing the heat. As it cycles it returns to the radiator. From there it is then transferred into the air.
Transmission Fluid – Transmission fluid is one of those fluids that don’t require being checked very often. Transmission fluid is a thick reddish fluid that acts a lot like motor oil. Transmission oil helps to cool and lubricate the inner parts of a transmission, which is separated from the other mechanical parts within your vehicle’s engine. The transmission is comprised of many gears and other moving parts that need to be lubricated and cooled.
Power Steering Fluid – For those who have never driven a vehicle without power steering, don’t know what it is likes to turn a vehicle without it. Power steering fluid helps to make it easier to turn your vehicle’s steering wheel with ease. It never used to be so. Power steering was introduced in the 1950’s. However, it didn’t become perfected or standard until the 1960’s and 70s. The power steering fluid is pressurized with a small hydraulic pump that is powered by your vehicle’s engine. When the power steering fluid is low or runs out, which is rare but can occur, your vehicle will become very heavy to turn.
Battery Fluid – Older car batteries or even some modern car batteries use fluid that from time to time, will need to be checked and refilled. Maintenance required batteries use individual cells that periodically need to be refilled with the battery fluid.
Windshield Wiper Fluid – The one fluid most people know to add as the “check engine” light pops on is the windshield wiper fluid. As most know, windshield wiper fluid is used to help clean windshields from dirt or bugs to maintain good visibility.

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If you find your vehicle has broken down due to a fluid issue, Citywide Towing Service provides refueling and fluid services. We will help you check all your vehicle’s fluid levels. We are prepared to help get your vehicle back on the road. Contact Citywide Towing Service for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

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