Vehicle Ride Height; High & Lowered Ground Clearance Tow Truck Loading & Flatbed Towing in Duncanville, TX

Towing a vehicle is something that should be left to a professional. Towing is not just taking a vehicle from one spot to another but there are lots of steps that need to be taken to ensure that the vehicle arrives safely. There are many things that can go wrong when towing a car and one of them is the clearance needed. Clearance can mean several things and the tow company is able to make arrangements as well as find a route that is safe. The clearance on some vehicles can make the tow job tricky but it is the responsibility of the tow truck operator to be prepared and know the measurements of the vehicle that is being towed. We are able to secure the vehicle knowing the potential problems that can occur. Citywide Towing Service explains what high and low clearance is and what that means when you have your vehicle towed.

What Is High & Low Clearance

When you have a vehicle it may have a high clearance or low clearance. If you have a car that has high ground clearance it means that the car or truck has a center of gravity that is higher. The issues that come with this is that the vehicle can topple over or roll over easier. The handling is harder to deal with as well and can take some time to get used to. One of the benefits to a vehicle that has a high ground clearance is that it can go over rough terrain that would otherwise damage a low clearance vehicle. If you have a car that has low ground clearance is means that the center of gravity is low and the car will handle much easier. This is usually found in sports cars that are made to drive fast. You can’t go over terrain such as rocky and off road since the under carriage of the car is close to the ground. If you have a low clearance vehicle you may be prone to scraping curbs when pulling into parking spots or rubbing across a speed bump. These can be an annoyance and could cause damage to your car. You want to know what style vehicle you have for handling as well as if you need to be towed. When you call a tow truck you should alert them as to what type of car you have.

Why Does Clearance Matter When Towing A Vehicle

When you need to have a car towed, a high clearance vehicle is easier to load. It needs to be tied down properly so that the vehicle is not at risk of tipping off the truck. Low clearance vehicles are much more of a challenge. The problem comes when a vehicle is too low and it can’t be pulled up on the tow truck. You will need to have someone watching carefully when the vehicle is being loaded. The angle the vehicle is loaded onto the tow truck must be changed. Sometimes this can be achieved using an elevated curb, inclined driveway or with boards. Professionals also have other options to get your lowered truck loaded safely and without damage.

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