Vehicle Towing Safety Checklist in Dallas, TX; Tow Truck Driver Training, Reflectors & Roadworthy Flatbeds & Wheel Lifts, Avoiding Hook & Book Tows & More

When you are in a situation where you need to have a car towed you need to be sure that you are in a safe situation. The car can simply be having a mechanical problem, run out of gas, electrical problem or even be in a car accident. These are all ways that a car may need to be towed and taken from a particular location to another to be repaired. The first step when you find yourself in a situation that you need to call a tow truck is to get to a safe spot. Many times the vehicle is on the side of the road so find a spot that you are out of harms way and contact a towing company. Then you may need to wait for the driver to arrive. When the tow company arrives to tow your car away there are lots of things that they need to know and do to ensure that the tow is done safely.

Citywide Towing Lists Why a Tow Truck Takes Safety Measures When They Come Out to Tow Your Car, Truck or Van

How Safe is the Tow Truck: When you hire a tow truck operator you should know that they are trained in their particular trade. They have gone through training on how to operate the actual truck and how to use all the tools necessary. They also have been trained on many different scenarios that they may come upon. There are more than 300 scenarios that a car could be in that a tow truck may need to get it from according to American Automobile Association.
Avoid Hook & Book Towing: If you see that a tow truck company is coming out and quickly hooking the car and pulling away they are not safely securing the vehicle. A reputable tow truck operator will often take time to review the cars make, model and physical association and where it is located. They will then come up with a plan on the best way to remove the car and load it on the truck they have. It can be a flatbed tow truck or wheel lift towing truck that is used to relocate your vehicle. The technician will attach the car or truck to the tow truck and secure it with chains, hooks and other straps. They also have lights and reflectors that are attached to their own truck or added to the vehicle being towed for easy viewing. Be sure that the technician takes their time to secure the vehicle to avoid any further damage.
Reflectors & Roadworthy Checklist: If your vehicle is not secured to the tow truck it can potentially fall off. That will lead to further damage to your car. It can also cause damage or injury to anyone that happens to be in the path of the unsecured vehicle.

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