Vehicle Warning Signs to Avoid a Breakdown in Seagoville, TX; Check Engine Light & More

There are two types of car owners we would like to spotlight today. There is the one type of car owner that runs the vehicle to the mechanic if their low tire pressure icon pops on, and then you have those who ignore a flashing check engine light and seem surprised when their vehicle breaks down. We are highlighting these types of car owners because they often don’t understand what signs to watch for and how they can affect your vehicle. Citywide Towing Service will share some of the most common and important warning signs that your vehicle may be giving you.

Signs of Engine Trouble & Other Car Problems

Check Engine Light: When the check engine light pops on, the majority of the time it is indicating that mild maintenance is required. In most cases it will turn on if the oil is getting low, the filters are dirty, or in some older vehicles, the window washer fluid needs to be refilled. When the check engine light turns on, check your vehicle’s fluids starting with the oil. In most cases it pops on around the time your vehicle needs to be serviced. However, if the check engine light flashes, or in some vehicles turns red, there is an immediate problem.
Smoking Engine: If you see smoke or steam coming from underneath the hood or originating from the engine this is a bad sign. In most cases the engine is overheating. If you see smoke, turn the vehicle off immediately. If you’re on the road, pull off to a safe place and turn off the engine. If the vehicle is overheating it can be due to a number of problems. However, if your vehicle is overheated you should not drive it until the problem is fixed. You may want to contact a towing service.
Oil & Transmission Fluid Leaks: During the summer it is completely normal to have water dripping from underneath the vehicle. It is condensation from the air conditioning. However, oil leaks, transmission fluid or other oil like substances are not normal and can be a problem and even make driving the vehicle hazardous. Make sure to check for the source of the leaks to know what is dripping from the vehicle.
Low Tire Pressure: When the low tire pressure icon turns on in your vehicle, it doesn’t mean you have a flat tire in most cases. However, the tire’s air pressure is getting low. Tires will naturally lose air over time. In the winter the pressure will also go down due to the cold. However, where low tire pressure isn’t a major concern, you still want to add air to the tires within a short period of time. Not only is it bad for the tires, it can also lead to tire failure and even blowouts which can cause an accident.
Battery Light On: Never ignore you battery light icon. If the battery is light turned on, it is not telling you your battery is drained or needs to be replaced. but it indicating there is a problem with the battery. The battery light will turn on if there is corrosion, a short-circuit, or even a failure within the battery. Car batteries can be dangerous and if the battery light is turned on, consider taking it to a mechanic. It is recommended you do not interact with the battery yourself.

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If your vehicle is giving you signs that it requires mechanical assistance, make sure to have your vehicle looked at right away. If you are having mechanical problem and require towing or roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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