What are Common Causes of Car Fires & How Can You Prevent Them in DeSoto, TX?

Have you ever seen a car off the side of the road that is on fire? It is not a common sight to see a vehicle on fire to be sure, but have you considered what you should do if you were in that situation? What do you do when a vehicle is suddenly burning and is on fire? Citywide Towing Service would like to share why automobile fires occur, how to prevent them, and what you should do if you find yourself in that frightening situation.

Most Common Cause of Vehicle Fires?

In 2019 there were about 181,500 reported automobile fires in the United States. After investigating the causes it was found that there were similar reasons why an automobile will catch fire. The first common reason behind an automobile fire is the electrical system. Worn wiring can come in contact with the hot metal surface which can spark a fire. Another culprit behind automobile fires is exhaust problems. When the converters become plugged, or if they overheat, a vehicle can catch fire. Oil spills can also occur and when the oil comes in contact with hot metal, it will eventually begin to burn. Oil spills are very common. Therefore, it is important to prevent oil spills. Lastly, automobile fires can be the result of fuel problems. Fuel leaks that are near the exhaust or electrical system can catch the fuel on fire. A vehicle catching fire is a serious situation. It is very important to maintain a vehicle to prevent automobile hazards, including fires on the road.

How Can You Prevent a Car Fire?

To prevent automobile fires, one of the best steps you can take is to maintain your vehicle. Monitoring and repairing you vehicle’s mechanical needs will help prevent most of these common causes of fire. Many fires is the result of a fluid leak and neglect. You should check you vehicle’s engine for oil and fuel leaks every few months. If leaks are discovered, do not put off repairs. Additionally, monitor your vehicle’s electrical system. When the wiring begins to look dry, cracked and worn, it is time to replace the vehicle’s wiring and to check the rest of the electrical system. When early warning signs of worn wiring and fluid leaks occur, seek mechanical services to ensure your safety and those inside the vehicle.

How Do You Extinguish a Car Engine Fire?

In most cases when a fire develops in the engine, you will see smoke first. If you can see smoke or flames you need to pull off to the right side of the road. If you cannot move the vehicle to the right, then do your best and pull off to the left. Once you have pulled off to the safest place, immediately turn off the vehicle. You will want to cut off the fuel to the engine to prevent the spread of the fire. Once the vehicle is turned off get out of the vehicle and get some distance between you and the vehicle. Call 911 and report the fire. Be detailed when providing your location. Emergency fire services will come and put out the fire. You will need to also contact a towing service to remove the vehicle. Do not abandon the vehicle or you can be fined. Make sure to have the vehicle taken to a responsible location.

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