What are the Signs Your Transmission is Going Out in Carrollton, TX; Fluid Leaking from Car, Grinding Gears & More

Having a vehicle to use and drive around seems to be a must for most people. We rely on the vehicle to get us around from our job to events that we want to go to for entertainment. When you have your own vehicle to use it gives you freedoms that others don’t have. The problem is that having your own car can be pricey and hard to keep on the road. The reason is that the vehicle does require not only insurance and registration but must be maintained as well. You have to make sure that your car is in good condition and that means knowing when repairs are needed. If you just overlook issues with your vehicle you could end up with a car that is stranded on the side of the road. That means that you have to call for a tow truck to come out and take you to a shop for repairs. It is best to try and find out what is wrong and what repairs are needed. Citywide Towing Service outlines some of the signs your transmission is going out.

Fluid Leaking from Car

One of the things that you might come across that is a sign that your transmission might be in need of repairs is leaking fluids. The car should not have any fluids at all that are leaking from it. If you happen to look under the car and notice that there is fluid it can be from the transmission. The fluid is usually either red in color or green. It can be a small leak or it can be large. If you see that there is a leak you want to make sure that it is repaired right away. The problem is that the transmission can be leaking from several areas that include pan gasket or a torque converter seal. The other issue can be a leak in the lines that serve the transmission.

Clunking Noise when Driving

When you are driving your car it should be able to move smoothly as you accelerate. The car should be able to shift from one gear to the next and there really should not be much if any noticeable movement or sound when it occurs. When you start to notice that the car is making clunking sounds when it is shifting from one gear to the next is the sign that your transmission is in need of repair. This is problematic and means that you are close to not being able to drive the car any further.

Grinding Gears

If you have a car that is a manual then you have to shift from one gear to the next. This means that you have more steps that someone who is driving an automatic. Although if you have a manual and you are trying to get the car in gear and it is grinding instead of moving into gear smoothly then it means that the transmission is not in good shape.

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