What Causes a Car Battery to Die Quickly & Need a Jumpstart or Replacement in Balch Springs, TX

When you go out to start your car and nothing happens the list of problems can be endless. There are many reasons that cause a car to not start but there is one that is most common. The battery in your car or truck is what gives the power that is needed to start the vehicle and keep it running. The battery is found under the hood and you can always give the car a jumpstart to get it running again. The problem is that you need to know what causes the battery to die in the first place. This is so you can do what is necessary to prevent the problem from happening again. The battery can be drained or go out for many reasons. There are several parts that make up the battery and a problem with one of the components could cause the battery to stop working.

Citywide Towing Lists the Top Reasons Your Car Battery Will Die Or Stop Working

Left Lights On in Car: One of the most common reasons that a car battery dies is from someone leaving in the lights. The great thing about new cars and trucks is that most of the lights are on a relay that will allow them to switch off on their own. Although this is great it does not always work. If you forget a bag in the car and your child goes out to look they of course turn on the light. Manually turning on a light means you need to manually turn it off! If you forget then that light stays on until you realize it which can be hours. The light will slowly drain the power out of the battery and when you go to start the car there is not enough to turn it over.
Does Leaving the Radio On With Engine Off Drain the Battery?: When you go out to the car you can insert the key and start the car. Then all your instrument panels, radio, air and entertainment systems will work. If you go and turn the key to the on position instead of starting the engine you can use all the same accessories. The problem is that the accessories are now using the power from the battery without the alternator running which means it is being drained. The battery will die just from sitting in the car listening to your favorite tunes when the car is in the On position. You want to only use accessories when the car has been started or for a short limited amount of time.
How to Check Car Battery Life: Another reason that a battery might stop sending power to the car or truck is that the battery is just dead. The battery is just like anything else and has a shelf life. The age of the battery is really only one aspect of the life of a battery. Another reason is the amount of usage the battery has experienced and the weather conditions as well. You can have the battery tested to see if it can be charged or if it needs to be replaced.

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