What Causes a Car Not to Start in Wylie, TX? Ran Out of Gas, Bad Ignition Switch, Faulty Starter & More

No matter if it occurs on the road or in your driveway, when vehicle won’t start, it is never convenient. There are many reasons that can prevent your vehicle to start. With this in mind, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to share the common reasons the vehicle will not start.

How Do You Diagnose a Car that Won’t Start?

1) Ran Out of Gas: The vehicle refuses to start is often simply because the fuel supply has depleted. if the vehicle will not turn over, first make sure to read your gauge, since having no gas is a likely issue. A reputable towing company can offer roadside assistance and deliver fuel to your location in the event a gas station is not an option.
2) Dead Car Battery: A frequent cause to a vehicle that won’t start is a dead or drained battery. When you open the door, you won’t have a dome light. If your car won’t start and you can’t even turn on the headlights, wipers, or radio the battery is dead, though if the battery is just weak the lights may dim. You will not heat or feel anything if the battery is dead when you turn the ignition listen. If the battery won’t be jumped, it can be replaced, though it can be jumped.
3) Bad Ignition Switch: The ignition switch if the battery is in good order. It is likely the fault of the ignition switch should when you test the vehicle, and your headlights or wipers work but the car still will not turn on. The ignition switch is a crucial electronic component behind the ignition lock cylinder and works to power on the car. Another indicator that you in fact have a bad ignition switch is when you notice other problems with your vehicle, like starting but stalling suddenly. The solution is to replace it if the ignition switch is bad.
4) Faulty Starter: The activation of the ignition switch allows a bit of a pattern to flow tom flow from the battery to the solenoid over the starter. You should be able to tell if it is the ignition switch when you turn the ignition and hear a clicking sound, but the car will not turn on. it will need replacing like the ignition switch in the event it is the started.
5) Clogged Fuel Filter: The fuel filter screens them before impurities reaches the fuel injectors. When the fuel filter gets clogged, the fuel pump is forced to work harder. The fuel pump continues to slowly deteriorate over time. The vehicle only becomes more difficult to start because your vehicle needs the right mixture of air and gas to start. Your fuel filter should be replaced every 20,000 to 40,000 miles as a general guideline.

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