What Do the Numbers on the Sidewall of Your Tires Mean & How to Read Them to Help Avoid a Flat Tire in Arlington, TX?

Have you come outside to find your tire flat? A flat tire is one of the most common problems that people have with their vehicle. Most cars have a spare tire in the trunk that can be used in these instances. If you have a flat there is no way to get around and you will need to get the repair done right away. There are also often tools that are in the trunk that you will need to use to jack up the car and remove the wheel and tire. The problem is that if the tire is damaged you have to have it repaired. It can be patched and put back on the wheel. The tire can also be damaged enough that it will need to be replaced. You also need to keep an eye on the tread to ensure that there is enough and if it is too low you need to buy a replacement. A tire is necessary and you need to ensure that you get the right size. You don’t actually have to go to a tire shop to find out which tire is right for you. Citywide Towing Services explains what the numbers on your tires mean and how to read them?

What Information is Displayed on Your Tires?

When it comes to finding out information on the tires on your car you don’t need google or a manual? You simply need to head outside and look at the side of the tire. On it you will find the brand of the tire and so much more. There are going to be a series of numbers and letters that will tell you all you need to know about that tire on the car. The numbers and letters will help you with the size, width and air pressure. Knowing how to read these numbers and letters give you the upper hand when replacing it.

How to Find Tire Size

When you go out to look at the tire you need to know what to look for. There will be numbers and letters that are written around the sidewall of the tire. They each have a meaning that can help you determine information about the tire. The size can be found and will look a lot like P195/60R15. This series can have different numbers and letters depending on the size but they will be in that same format. The initial letter designates that tire to a specific kind of vehicle. The letter P is the standard assignment for a passenger tire. The number that follows the letter will tell you what the width of your tire is. The tire is measured in millimeters. There is a forward slash to differentiate between the numbers and the second number is the height of the tire. It is measured from the wheel to the top of the tire. The R that follows just means that it is a radial tire. The last number will say what size wheel the tire will fit on. Each of these numbers and letters are important when replacing your tires.

What is Your Tire Pressure Supposed to Be At?

The side of the tire has information so that you can tell the air pressure that is recommended. The proper amount of inflammation is necessary for the safety of the tire as well as the ride of the car. When you look at the sidewall you should see a set of numbers that is followed by the letters PSI. The PSI means pounds per square inch and you want to stay within that set of numbers.

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