What Does Yellow, Clear, Brown, Blue or Red Fluid Leaking from Car Mean in Ferris, TX? Avoid Need for Fuel Delivery!

A vehicle is made of many moving parts and use a number of different fluids. When you notice your vehicle is leaking fluid, it is important to be able to properly identify the leak. In some cases, it can be dangerous to drive depending on what is leaking. Identifying the fluid is made really simple as each fluid type varies in color. Citywide Towing Service will share how to properly identify leaks by its color.

Clear or Brown Brake Fluid Leaking from Middle of Car

It can be very hazardous to drive when there is a leak in the brake fluid line. Braking fluid when new is actually clear and has no color. However, over time breaking fluid can turn a brown color and can resemble oil fluid. To determine if it is braking fluid or oil, check the consistency. Braking fluid is an oily and slippery substance where actual motor oil fluid is kind of watery. If the vehicle is leaking braking fluid it can be risky to drive and should be repaired. If needed, the vehicle can be towed to your preferred mechanic.

Red Transmission Fluid when Running or Parked

Transmission oil when new is a red fluid that is thicker than oil. Aged transmission oil will begin to look like a reddish brown color. When transmission fluid leaks, it often occurs in the center of the engine which also helps in identifying the leaks. When the transmission fluid leaks, it can be a sign there is a gap in the transmission. If the vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, you run the risk of overheating the vehicle. It is not recommended that you drive the vehicle for extended periods of time. You should refill the transmission and get the leak repaired quickly.

Red Power Steering Fluid Leaking Fast

Power steering fluid is also red and looks very similar to transmission fluid. However, you can determine the fluid again by the stains location. Power steering leaks will appear more to the front of the vehicle versus the center like transmission fluid. It is not considered too dangerous to drive with low power steering fluid. However, it will make the vehicle feel like a ton and the simplest turn can become very difficult to make.

Radiator Leaking Green or Yellow Fluid from Bottom

Radiator fluid is easily identified as it is either a green or yellow color. The coolant helps prevent the vehicle from overheating as well as freezing up. The coolant goes through the engine and can develop a leak almost anywhere. If there is a leak it is essential to have it repaired. As long as there is enough radiator fluid in the vehicle to keep it cool you can drive to your mechanic without too much risk. however, if the leak is severe enough, you may want to consider a towing service.

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Depending on how much fluid is lost at the time, it may be better to have the vehicle towed to your repair shop. However, many towing services will do fluid and fuel delivery and help top off your vehicle’s fluids. For quality towing and roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service. We provide 24-7 services.

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