What is a Winch Used For? Winching Service to Pull Car Out of Ditch, Mud & More in DeSoto, TX

Operating a tow truck winch needs to be done with an experienced hand. It may appear to be straightforward, as simple as attaching it and pulling. However, it’s not as simple as that. If it’s not done correctly, it can create a host of problems on the road, putting other people and property at risk.

What is a Winch?

A winch is a hauling or lifting device consisting of a rope, cable, or chain winding around a horizontal rotating drum, turned by a crank or by a motor or other power source. With the use of a hydraulic motor, the winch can be let out or wound up at a steady rate. The winch will have a secure hooking mechanism. The winch can pull the vehicle onto a flatbed towing truck or vehicles with front-end towing will pull the vehicle out enough to hook it to the tow lift. In situations where the vehicle is stuck but can still be driven, a winch can pull the vehicle out on to the road.

What is a Winch Used For? Why Professional Winching is a Must

Emergency winch-out services might be the only option you have when your vehicle is stuck in a precarious or difficult situation, but they can be dangerous. Damage, injury and possible death can occur. Straps, chains or ropes that become loose can cause an abrupt jerk or excessive force, causing them to fly through the air, putting people and property at risk. When you hire professionals, you can be sure they are experienced in the proper use of winches and have the expertise to pull the vehicle the right way with attachments that are safe and secure. Professionals also have the tools and equipment needed to carry out a parallel pull, which is safer. They will use tools to alert oncoming traffic of the situation like flares, lights, and they also wear reflective clothing. The equipment they use also allows them to stay off-road and away from traffic. Again, this protects you and others from possible death. Professionals can deal with any situation. They can perform in tight spots that can be hard to reach with specialty hooks and straps that can be placed on many points on many different makes of vehicles. This ensures that vehicles don’t get pulled in the wrong spot, causing damage to the vehicle. Professionals can also make sure your vehicle is safe to be in the road again. They will inspect your vehicle and take it to a repair facility if needed. Only use professional for towing services. Amateur tow truck operators can charge high prices for unprofessional work and often don’t have licenses or insurance to pay for any damages or injuries.

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