What is Considered a Heavy VS Light Duty Tow in Balch Springs, TX? Size of Towed Vehicles & More

There are different classes or types of towing services. Often you will see that a towing service provides light or heavy duty towing. However, not all towing companies will offer both light or heavy duty towing. The most common towing service is light duty. Not all towing companies will invest in heavy duty tow trucks as it is a much smaller market. For those who do not know much about towing and what light or heavy duty towing is for, Citywide Towing Service would like to break down the differences between light duty and heavy duty towing.

What is a Towing Company Business?

To better understand what a light and heavy duty towing is, it helps to have a clear definition of what a towing company is. A towing company provides an officially licensed operator of the different classes of tow trucks. There are many different types of tow trucks and each has a certain purpose. A tow company sends out a tow truck operator to provide motorists with wither towing their vehicle, or removal or relocation of their vehicle to another location. A towing service is not just for those who may be broken down on the side of the road. There are many different applications of a towing service. For those who find they need help or have an abandoned vehicle removed, or you find you need a vehicle transported, you will want to have the right type of tow truck for your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck

As the name suggests, a heavy duty tow truck is used for heavyweight vehicles. A heavy duty tow truck is used to tow large vehicles such as semi-trailers, buses, garage trucks, and tractors to name a few. A heavy duty tow truck must meet certain requirements as they will be transporting or moving very heavy vehicles. Each heavy duty tow truck must be equipped to handle the vehicle’s full and correct capacity. A heavy duty tow truck usually has a 6 ton wheel lift, 25 ton boom lift and winch. A heavy duty tow truck must be prepared to move and load these rather heavyweight vehicles. Not only must a heavy duty tow truck be able to move and load heavyweight vehicles, but they must also have a frame that can be safely secured and house the vehicles. As heavyweight vehicles do break down or get in accidents, they are not the majority of vehicles that are on the road. This is why you may not always find a towing company that provides heavy duty towing. A heavy duty tow truck is expensive and may not bring in the needed money to pay off these trucks. If you need a heavyweight vehicle towed, make sure the towing company provides heavy duty towing.

Light Duty Tow Trucks

A light duty tow truck is far more common as they provide towing and even roadside assistance service to the everyday driver. For those with vans, cars, truck, and SUVs, you will need a light duty tow truck. A light duty tow truck also provides roadside assistance service such as battery jumps, fuel deliveries, tire changes and more. They can also tow most vehicles. There are also different styles of light duty tow trucks. For example, there are flatbed tow trucks that load and secure a vehicle to a platform. Then there is a wheel lift that lifts up either the front or rear two wheels of the vehicle and roll the other end. Both wheel lift and flatbed light duty tow trucks can tow vehicles between 8,600 to 10,000 lbs. Light duty tow trucks also come with a winch and even forklift to recover vehicles that have been in an accident. A light duty tow truck has so many applications for those with a conventional vehicle, you will not go wrong with light duty tow trucks.

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