What is Fuel Efficiency & Why is it Important in DeSoto, TX? How to Improve Gas Mileage & More

People all over the country are hitting the road to get away and unless you drive an electric car, you will have regular stops to refuel. It always seems like gas prices increase when summer arrives and even if they haven’t, you still want your gas to last as long as possible in order to save money. The more money you save on gas the more you can spend on your vacation! Everyone knows that the way you drive will impact your gas mileage, but you probably didn’t know that the way you pack can too.

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

1. Don’t put luggage on the roof. When you run out of room inside the car you will have to find another spot for it. Try and avoid using the top of your car if you can as it increases wind resistance. Extra stuff on top at speeds of 65 to 75 MPH can decrease gas mileage by up to 25 percent. That’s the same as paying 47 cents more per gallon of gas. If you have the option of using a box that mounts on the back of your vehicle it will create less wind drag and a lower fuel penalty.
2. Don’t tailgate. Not only does tailgating increase the chance you’ll rear end someone, it also puts a dent in your gas mileage. Aggressive driving where you are braking and following with rapid acceleration decreases MPG by up to a third in highway driving. That’s the same as adding up to 90 cents a gallon to the cost of fuel for your trip. That can add up!
3. Use cruise control. Cruise control is a beautiful thing. The help in maintaining a steady speed on the highway helps you avoid speeding up and changing lanes just to slow down again. When the speed is set, you are more likely to go with the flow of traffic. Every additional 5 miles above 50 MPH is the same as paying an extra 19 cents more for each gallon of gas.
4. Use the car AC wisely. Air conditioning makes a long drive more comfortable when its hot outside, but the way you use it can impact your gas mileage. If your vehicle has been parked for an extended period of time, open the windows and let some of the hot air out before you turn the AC on. You should also try and avoid idling with the air conditioning on.
5. Watch your tires. The way your tires are inflated can also impact gas mileage. When your tires are underinflated, they are unsafe and can decrease gas mileage. Gas mileage can be cut 3 to 5 percent when they are inflated one-fourth below the manufacture’s recommendation. You can find out what the recommended tire pressure is by checking inside the driver’s door.

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There are websites you can visit that will help you determine a budget for your gas expenses. You can map your trip out and get a gas cost for the car you own. Have a great summer and contact Citywide Towing Service if you need roadside assistance or towing services.

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