What is Synthetic Oil Made of? Is it Better than Conventional Oil in Older Cars in Hutchins, TX?

Most folks know that synthetic motor oil enhances the performance of most vehicles as well as offers a better quality than conventional motor oil. Though they know that it is better, they may not know why. But the similarities end where the oils are pulled from the ground. With that in mind, we at Citywide Towing Service would like discuss the differences of synthetic and convention oil.

What is Synthetic Oil Made of?

Not only refined but also distilled, synthetic oil is purified and broken down into its basic molecules. The process removes all the impurities from the crude oil in addition to the enabling of individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to meet the demands of modern engines. Providing higher levels of protection, these customized molecules also enhance performance in comparison to conventional oil. To create the optimal oil, synthetic oils are blended with perfect additives.

Cons of Conventional Motor Oil

Your engine collects deposits as oil circulates. Conventional oil will form sludge over time, reducing the engine’s efficiency and eventually cut the engine’s life short. As the engines parts are in constant contact with each other and moving at high speeds. Components can wear and break down in the extreme conditions of the engine. The oil is the protective barrier in between these components. Conventional oil has a tendency to break down, diminishing the ability to protect the engine from wear.

Synthetic Oil Flows Quickly & Resists High Heat

As the vehicle sits for a time, overnight for instance, the oil settles. Once the engine fires up, the oil will flow through critical engine parts to protect against friction. More time is needed for the oil to flow smoothly through the engine with conventional oils; and in extremely cold winters, even more time. Synthetic oils, on the other hand, they are designed to quickly flow, even at low temperatures to start protecting the engine immediately.
While the engine is running, it gets excessively hot. The high temperatures in the engine can cause conventional motor oils to break down or evaporate, over time, exposing your engine to wear. For those that live in extreme warm areas, the synthetic oils are especially useful as they are able to resist the high heat.

Synthetic Oil Protects Engine Components

Auto-manufacturers are building cars with smaller engines to enhance the fuel efficiency and adding turbochargers to boost power. Today’s turbocharged engines are even more aggressive, conventional oils break down faster with the engines run at high temps. Motor oil can get to that shaft and lubricate it properly very quickly as the shaft inside a turbocharger can spin upwards of 200,000 revolutions per minute. With potential engine failure, conventional oils can break down faster under these conditions and leave deposits on turbocharger components. Synthetic oils protect the components more so than conventional oils, allowing the engine to operate at peak performance and boost the power.

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Keep in mind that not all synthetics are created equal, but generally, synthetics as a motor oil category provide better protection than conventional oils. In the event your vehicle’s oil falls short and your vehicle is not drivable, call in the specialists of Citywide Towing Service and let our experts get your towed back to a mechanic.

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