What is the Best Type of Tow Truck for Towing My Vehicle in Sachse, TX After a Car Accident & More?

Everyone knows that it is possible to be on the side of the road with car problems. If this happens, you want to know which is the best tow truck to come and help you get out of this situation. Citywide Towing Service wants to help you understand what trucks work best in different situations with your vehicle.

Size of Vehicle Being Towed

Since it is important that you use the right towing truck for your car. You need to know what there is. There is light duty and medium duty towing. Depending on the size of your vehicle you will use a light or medium-duty towing. If you use a light-duty towing truck when you have a heavy vehicle, this could be dangerous while towing. If the tow truck is underpowered, then it will not safely transport your vehicle. Most vehicles can be used with a small-duty truck, but some cars such as pick-up trucks or small buses will need a medium-duty truck. Knowing the make and model can help the tow truck company know which one they need to bring.

Winching for Off-Road Recovery

Medium-duty tow trucks are very commonly used when it comes to a recovery situation. If your car has gone off-road in an accident or slid into a ditch because of a storm, then it will need a little extra power. That is why a medium-duty tow truck is used. It has more power to get your car out of the situation when you are off the road. When you call you will need to answer certain questions about your location and your vehicle so the company knows what they need to bring to get you out.

Fender Bender or Other Car Accident

If you have been in a fender bender or another type of accident where your vehicle is damaged then you most likely will need a flatbed tow truck. A flatbed tow truck will lift the entire vehicle onto the bed so that none of your vehicle is dragging on the ground. They use these types of tow trucks so that no additional damage is done during the moving of your vehicle. It is also good to use if your vehicle has any wheel damage because the wheels will not work properly.

Towing is a Specialty Vehicle

If you have a specialty vehicle, then it does need a little extra care when you are dealing with the towing process. This includes electric vehicles, project cars, and collector cars. If you have a special vehicle, when you call a towing company make sure that they can tow this vehicle safely. An electric vehicle, cannot be towed by a wheel hoist truck, You cannot put an electric vehicle into neutral. If the wheel turns it can damage the vehicle. Make sure that the towing company has the correct towing truck for your vehicle.

Towing a Car that Won’t Start

When your car is stalled or disabled a wheel-lift tow truck will be used. This type of tow truck is when two tires are still on the ground. The only reason why they wouldn’t use this is if you cannot put your car into neutral.

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When you need a tow truck it is best to give them as much information as you can about your car and what happened. This way they know the exact tow truck to bring to move your car to the location you need. If you’re looking for a tow truck, then give Citywide Towing Service a call.

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