What is the Best Way to Tow a Motorcycle in Wilmer, TX? Towing with Ramped Flatbed or Hydraulic Lift?

Motorcycles are not indestructible. They can break down just as easily as standard passenger cars, despite their seemingly flawless nature. When their motorcycle malfunctions, few people consider calling for a tow service. However, to prevent further damage to your motorcycle, it is wise to have your faulty motorcycle towed. You risk paying a more extensive repair bill if you were to leave your motorcycle on the side of the road or attempt to tow it through unconventional means. Instead, it is in your better interest to have your motorcycle towed. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to discuss the involvement of towing a motorcycle.

Car VS Motorcycle Towing

When compared to cars, the towing process for motorcycles is different. A motorcycle has an entirely different design layout and the balance, weight, engine functions, number of wheels, and size also differs. Hoisting up the front of your motorcycle and pulling it from the back of the truck is not how it is done. The bike will likely bounce around and fall out of the cradle where the wheel is locked. It won’t do any good for a tow, even if your motorcycle has front wheel locks. The same level of impact that a four-wheeled car can endure from a tow is not the same for motorcycles have two wheels.

Find a Tow Company that Specializes in Motorcycle Towing

You will have to look for companies specializing in motorcycle towing if you need to tow your motorcycle. In order to accommodate all motorcycle towing tasks, they will have the necessary equipment and tools. These particular operators have experience in motorcycles and will treat your motorcycle with care.

How Do They Tow Motorcycles

Motorcycles cannot be towed with a hook and chain process. It needs to be entirely off the road to tow a bike safely. To transfer the motorcycle from the ground to the flatbed in the rear of the truck, the motorcycle towing process involves a hydraulic lift or ramp. Below are the three main elements of the motorcycling towing process.
– Flatbeds. The best choice for towing motorcycles is motorcycle flatbed trucks. Onto a flat surface behind the truck, your motorcycle is placed after the entire bike is lifted off the ground. To keep the bike steady and secured, there is special equipment integrated into the flatbed.
– Ramped Flatbeds. A hybrid of a flatbed and a ramp to deliver a safe transportation is what a motorcycle ramped flatbed is. It is secured into the proper position after the ramp gets extended onto the ground so the motorcycle can be rolled up onto it and then onto the flatbed. Unlike with the traditional tow truck, nothing has to be lifted or hoisted up into the air.
– Hydraulic Lifts. In several modern tow trucks, hydraulic lifting technology is often included. Used only for motorcycle towing trucks, there are special hydraulic lifts. They are designed to safely and completely lift motorcycles off the ground. The flatbed is lowered onto the ground by the hydraulic lift. It is restrained and secured in place after the motorcycle gets rolled onto the flatbed.

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