What is the Most Common Cause of Car Battery Drain in Bedford, TX? Leaving Lights On, Alternator Issues & More

Vehicles require a battery to run the vehicle, as most motorists know. Most people will experience a drained battery during the driving careers. Where some people may be able to flag down a helpful stranger to give them a jump, it is often more likely they are stuck and need to call for roadside assistance. Hiring a professional to help is the safest and most efficient option. Today, we at Citywide Towing Services would like to discuss the top causes for an auto battery to drain.

What Can Drain a Car Battery when it’s Off?

1) Leaving the Lights on, Not Shutting the Doors. Batteries are rapidly draining when the vehicle’s lights are left on. It is always a good idea to make sure that all vehicle lights are turned off when leaving your vehicle, even if you have a modern vehicle have a feature that automatically turns headlights off.
2) Parasitic Draining of the Battery. After the vehicle is turned off, this battery draining is caused by other components in your vehicle continuing to run. Parasitic drain can drain the main battery of the car if in the event of there is a poorly installed fuse or wire.
3) Charging Systems are Broken. Your battery will have issues transmitting its power to your vehicle if in the event the positive and negative battery charging terminals are loose or have been corroded. This issue can permanently damage the electronic components of your vehicle or can cause sudden stall-outs. By regularly cleaning battery terminals, you can prevent corrosion.
4) Alternator Issues. Power is sent to the lights, stereo, windows, and A/C by the alternators that also recharge batteries. Your battery can run out very quickly if in the event your alternator has a bad diode. Potentially making it so your car won’t be able to turn over and start at all, it can also cause the circuit to charge even when the engine is turned off.
5) Problems are Temperature Based. Sulfate crystals can build-up in your battery, damaging its longevity in extremely hot or cold weather. Especially if you are mostly taking short drives, it can take longer for car batteries to charge in extreme temperatures. Park your vehicle in a climate-controlled garage if possible.
6) Shorter Trips. As batteries put out the most power when starting a vehicle your battery can charge if you are taking only multiple short trips. Though this is most common with older car batteries, turning off your vehicle before the alternator can recharge can cause batteries to have issues holding a charge. You can give your alternator and battery more time to recharge by allowing your car to run for a long time.
7) Aged Batteries. You will have a harder time holding a full charge as a weak, degraded, or out-of-date batteries will drain quickly. Your vehicle’s battery may have worn out if your car has trouble starting on a consistent basis or won’t work even after a jump start. To avoid this, replace your car battery every 3-4 years.

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