What is the Safest Way to Tow a Car in Grapevine, TX? Hire a Flatbed Towing Company for Safe Transport!

It is always best for safety and efficiency to hire a towing expert to tow your vehicle, especially if you have little to no experience doing it. However, we know there are some people who feel confident enough to attempt a DIY towing. To help you better execute a self-tow, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to discuss safety tips if you insist on DIY towing, though we strongly recommend and encourage you to call a professional when you need towing services.

How Do You Properly Tow a Car?

1) Evaluate Your Towing Equipment. Before you start your journey, inspect the towing apparatus such as the towing dolly, towing bar, towing rope/ chain. Call for a towing professional if it is not up for the task.
2) On the Vehicle being Towed & the Towing vehicle, Place Easy-to-Read Signage. In order that other drivers know what’s going on, post a sign and both vehicles should also flip on their hazard lights.
3) Ensure Towing Vehicle’s Tires are Properly Inflated. You can better maneuver with the added load when the tires are appropriately inflated.
4) Try Towing with Minimal Traffic Times. Typically, mid-morning or early afternoon is when there is minimal traffic, and the sun is still up. If possible, wait to tow when there is less traffic.
5) Avoid Towing in the Dark. It is far more difficult to recognize you are towing another vehicle in the dark. If possible, tow while the sun is up so other drivers better see the predicament.
6) Always Slowly Pull Away. You need to slowly and carefully pull into motion, otherwise the tow rope can snap or unnecessary pressure on the tow bar/ dolly can occur.
7) Drive at Speeds Sensibly. Stay under the limit. The slower you drive the sooner you stop as your stopping time will be greatly increased.
8) Make Sure There is More Space than What is Needed Ahead of You. It more difficult than you realize slowing down and stopping hauling another vehicle behind you. Make sure you have plenty of room in front of you and to the next automobile.
9) Stay Clear from Sudden Movements. You do not want to perform unnecessary maneuvers, sudden steering corrections, sudden acceleration, or sudden stopping while towing. continue on to the next one if you miss your turn and/ or exit.
10) Do Not Overtake Other Drivers. To avoid oncoming traffic, you need to keep in mind your vehicle is twice its normal length which makes it harder to pull back in.

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If you are uncomfortable with towing, and the thought gives you anxiety, the safety of you and others should come first, and affordable towing services is the bet solution. When it comes to our customers, we ensure safe and dependable towing services along with roadside assistance services to help you get back on track fast. For your towing and roadside assistance service needs in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, call in the reliable experts of Citywide Towing Service and let us do the rest!

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