What Kind of Oil Does My Car Use & How Often Should You Change Your Synthetic or Other Oil in Richardson, TX?

There are lots of things you need to do to make sure that your car is in good working condition. The car needs to be filled with gas and the tires need to be filled with air. These are easy because they are basically in your face. That does not mean that they are any more important that other areas that require your attention. The car also has many other fluids that need to be topped off or changed out to make sure that the motor or engine is running smoothly. If you are not careful the fluids can be the cause of your car breaking down and you finding yourself on the side of the road. You want to make sure you know when and how often to have the oil in your car changed. Changing your oil is an important part of how well the car is able to run. Citywide Towing Service outlines what you need to know about changing the oil in your car.

How to Tell what Oil is in Your Car

You first need to understand that there are more than one type of oil options. You want to make sure you know what type of oil is in your car. If you are not using the oil that your car requires it can cause some major damage. The main type of oil happens to be standard or conventional oil. This is what you will find in many cars and especially cars that are a few years old or older. The other type of oil you might have in your car is called synthetic oil. This is a type of oil that you will find in cars that are newer and more efficient. You want to make sure that you know what type of oil your car takes.

How Often Should You Change Your Conventional Oil?

If you have a car that is using conventional oil you want to make sure you keep up with how often the oil needs to be changed. You want to make sure that you always look at the manual for your specific car but the rule is to have the oil changed once you have driven between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. You also want to use a time line in case you don’t drive often but don’t want to let the oil sit.

How Often Should I Change My Synthetic Oil?

If you have a car that uses synthetic oil you can count yourself lucky. The great thing is that the oil is longer lasting and that means that you go drive more miles between oil changes. The downfall is that the cost of the oil change happens to be higher in price. The great thing is that the synthetic cars are able to go near 10,000 miles before you need to change the oil. IT is important to track the miles and ensure that the oil is changed when necessary.

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