What Kind of Tow Truck Do You Need for Towing Your Car in Lancaster, TX? Flatbed or Wheel Lift?

Part of the process of determining which towing service to contact in an emergency is having knowledge about the various types of towing they offer. When you find yourself in a predicament, the towing company will inquire about your vehicle, location, and other aspects of your situation. This is done to assess whether they can handle your tow and which truck would be appropriate for the task at hand.
If you’re like most motorists, there may have been a time when you had to reach out to a tow company. Even if you haven’t been in an accident or veered off the road, numerous issues can arise with a vehicle on any given day. Regardless of the nature of the problem, it is undoubtedly a stressful situation. However, understanding the towing process, including how your chosen towing provider selects the appropriate truck, can alleviate some of the anxiety. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to shed light on several factors that contribute to the successful recovery of your vehicle.

Vehicle Size

Differentiating between light-duty and medium-duty towing is relatively straightforward, but it is crucial for the towing service to utilize the correct option. It goes without saying that using a light-duty truck for a heavier vehicle poses serious risks. An underpowered tow truck might not be capable of safely transporting your vehicle. The most crucial piece of information the tow truck driver will need is the size of your vehicle. While most cars can be safely towed with a light-duty truck, larger vehicles like pickup trucks and small buses require a medium-duty tow. You don’t need to know your vehicle’s weight in order to request a tow; simply provide the make and model, and the towing service will take it from there.

Off Road Recovery

In situations where your car has gone off-road due to an accident or has slid into a ditch during a snowstorm, extra power may be necessary to get it back on track. This is why medium-duty trucks are commonly used for vehicle recovery, even if the vehicle in question is small enough to warrant light-duty towing. Medium-duty trucks are designed to handle heavier loads, ensuring your car’s safety during the recovery process.

Tow Location

Occasionally, vehicles find themselves trapped in tight spaces such as driveways or alleys. In these instances, as well as off-road incidents, a winch-out may be required. To assist the tow truck company in assessing your needs, be prepared to provide accurate answers regarding the location of your car or truck.

Fender-Bender Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident and your car has sustained damage, you will most likely require the assistance of a flatbed tow truck. These trucks elevate the entire vehicle onto the bed, ensuring that no part of it drags along the ground. This prevents further damage during the tow, saving you from incurring unnecessary repair costs. For severely damaged cars, flatbed towing is the optimal method of recovery. If, for any reason, your car cannot be towed with a wheel lift, the towing service provider will employ either a flatbed truck or a car carrier.

Specialty Vehicle Towing

Certain vehicles require special attention during the towing process, regardless of whether they are damaged or not. This includes electric vehicles (EVs), collector cars, project cars, and more. When it comes to towing your luxury car, it is essential to entrust the task only to the best in the business. Verifying that the tow company you contact is capable of safely towing your specific make and model is crucial. Incompetent tow truck drivers can cause significant damage to your vehicle, so it is wise to double-check their ability to handle your particular vehicle. Many electric vehicles cannot be towed using wheel-hoist trucks because they cannot be put into neutral. Any movement of an EV’s wheels during the towing process can lead to damage. The same applies to low-rider vehicles, as wheel-lift tow trucks carry the risk of scraping the underside of these cars against the road.

Stalled or Disabled Vehicle Towing

If your car is not starting but also not damaged, wheel-lift tow trucks are employed. These trucks lift two of the car’s tires off the road while allowing the other two to roll along as the truck moves. This method is used unless your car cannot be put into neutral for any reason.

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