What Not to Do While Waiting to Be Towed in Irving, TX; Drain Phone Battery, DIY Repairs & More

Ensuring your safety and well-being during the often tedious wait for a tow truck is paramount. The crucial aspect to remember is that boredom should not lead you to make impulsive decisions. At Citywide Towing Service, we understand the importance of maintaining vigilance and have compiled a list of recommendations for you to adhere to while awaiting assistance.

Avoid Draining Your Phone Battery

Firstly, it is imperative not to let your phone battery drain. While waiting for a tow, the temptation to engage in group texts or catch up on work emails might arise. However, it is advisable to resist such impulses. Your towing expert or roadside assistance may need to contact you for various reasons, and it is essential to keep your phone lines clear. Even if equipped with a vehicle charger, preserving your battery until the tow truck driver arrives is a prudent choice.

Assuming Control of the Situation

Taking matters into your own hands by deciding to walk when the tow truck takes too long is both unwise and dangerous. Remaining in your vehicle is the safer and smarter option, especially in high-risk areas like highways or remote locations. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration underscore the dangers, with 4,735 pedestrians losing their lives due to such actions.

Trying DIY Auto Repairs You are Unsure of

Attempting to play the role of a mechanic during a breakdown is ill-advised. Touching the engine immediately after a breakdown, especially if overheating was a factor, exposes you to the risk of burns. Moreover, diagnosing an engine problem without the requisite expertise is challenging. It is advisable to exercise patience, wait for the tow truck, and leave the mechanical aspects to a professional.

Ignoring Your Instincts

Neglecting your instincts is another pitfall to avoid. If your instincts are signaling caution when someone offers help, rolling up your window and avoiding interaction is the prudent choice. While assistance may be needed, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and avoid potential scams or crimes during a vulnerable situation.

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In the Greater Dallas, TX area, Citywide Towing Service is your reliable partner for roadside and towing services. We prioritize your safety and aim to assist you safely and efficiently during challenging circumstances. Trust us to provide the support you need in a professional and timely manner. Remember, staying smart ensures you stay safe when faced with the unexpected challenge of a vehicle breakdown.

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