What Special Hazards are Created when DIY Towing in Richardson, TX? Car Damage & More

For those who tend to roll their sleeve up and handle most task and problem themselves, when you or a family member breaks down you may consider towing them home yourself. While DIY can be fulfilling and cost-effective in many situations, towing isn’t always one of them. There are many dangers of DIY towing can be extensive, and sometimes, the best choice is to call in a professional. Citywide Towing Service will like to highlight the risks of DIY towing and when you should always contact a professional towing service.

Potential for Car Damage & Safety Hazards on the Road

DIY towing can lead to major damage to your car if not done correctly. Some of the common DIY towing damages are:
• Transmission Damage: Towing a car in the wrong gear can lead to transmission breakdowns.
• Tire Wear: Uneven or aggressive towing can wear out your tires prematurely or unevenly.
• Structural Damage: Improperly placed chains or cables can harm the car’s structure or finish.
• Loss of Control: Towing without the right equipment can make it hard to control both vehicles, leading to potential accidents.
• Braking Difficulties: The added weight of another vehicle can drastically affect braking times and control.

Legal Implications & Potential for Personal Injury

Different jurisdictions have specific regulations concerning towing. This might include:
• Towing Limits: Some states dictate the maximum weight you can tow based on your vehicle type.
• Required Equipment: Many jurisdictions require specific lights, mirrors, and other equipment for towing.
• Licenses and Permits: DIY towing without the necessary licenses can lead to expensive fines.
• Physical Strain: Setting up a car for towing can be physically demanding, leading to injuries.
• Accidents: Improperly secured cars can detach and cause accidents, endangering both the DIY tower and other road users.

When to Call Professional Towing Services

• You Lack the Right Equipment: If you don’t have the necessary towing equipment like tow bars, chains, lights, and safety cables, it is a clear sign you need a professional.
• Unfamiliar Territory: If you are unsure about the towing process or if you are in unfamiliar terrain or weather conditions, it is safer to rely on a professional who’s trained to handle such situations.
• Towing a New or Luxury Vehicle: When dealing with newer or luxury vehicles, the stakes are higher due to their unique systems and high repair costs. It is better to trust a professional with such valuable assets.
• Long-Distance Towing: If you need to transport a vehicle over a long distance, the challenges and risks multiply. Professional services are equipped for such tows and ensure the car reaches its destination safely.
• After an Accident: If your car has been in an accident, it might have sustained damages you are unaware of. Towing it yourself can enhance these damages. Professionals will know the safest way to transport it.
• Heavy Vehicles: Towing heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, or RVs requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

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While the DIY spirit is commendable, certain situations, especially when safety is concerned, require the expertise of professionals. Towing is often one of these situations. Always prioritize safety for yourself, your vehicle, and others on the road. When in doubt, call in the professionals. For 24/7 towing and roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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