What to Do if a Drunk Driver is Behind You to Avoid a Car Accident & Needing a Tow in University Park, TX

It is important to be safe while on the road. A responsible driver always follows traffic laws and never drives drunk. However, it is unfortunate that not everyone can be responsible and will drive drunk on the road. Too many accidents occur due to drunk drivers. This is why it is important that should you spot a drunk driver, you react properly. Citywide Towing Service would like to help you better identify drunk drivers on the road and what you can do to stay safe.

How to Spot a Drunk Driver

Not Maintaining Lane Position – Many drunk drivers often have a difficult time staying in their lane. Often drunk drivers may weave, swerve or make wide drifting radius. Drunk drivers may also change lanes suddenly and recklessly and hardly ever use their blinker. While attempting to stay in their lane, a drunk driver may strike other vehicles or objects on the road.
Speeding and Breaking – Another common behavior of a drunk driver is speeding and then suddenly decelerating for little to no reason. Drunk drivers can have a hard time maintaining a constant speed or break suddenly or jarring.
Vigilance Issues – Drunk drivers can also be found driving in the opposing lanes or going the wrong way on a one way road. Drunk drivers may also be slow to react to stop signs or traffic lights/signals. Drunk drivers may also stop in a lane for no apparent reason. They may not turn on the headlights when appropriate, fail to use their signals or use the wrong signals.
Poor Judgment – Drunk drivers often have poor judgment such as following too closely or make unsafe lane changes. Some other poor calls may also be illegal turns, driving on non-roadways or paths. Along with poor judgment you may also notice odd behavior or appearing to be impaired.

How to Stay Safe with Drunk Drivers on the Road

When you believe you are sharing the road with a drunk driver, it is important to keep your distance. You may want to allow quite a bit of distance between you and the drunk driver. Next, keep an eye on them if possible. However, do not become too distracted or you can become a liability on the road. Look at the drunk driver and surrounding traffic about every 60 seconds and do not linger more than a second. It’s important to keep an eye on your surrounding in the event you need to avoid the drunk driver. Avoid getting too angry and find a safe place to pull off the road. If you cannot get off the road and you are in fear of you or other’s well-being, you can call 911 and report the drunk driver. Be prepared to give the police the vehicle color, make, model, and if possible, the license plate number. You will also need to provide police with the road or location of the drunk driver. To avoid getting in trouble yourself, pull over to make your call unless you have a Bluetooth or hand-free head set for your phone. If there is a passenger in the vehicle they can also make the call.

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Remember to stay safe while on the road and beware of drunk drivers. For towing or roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing today.

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