What to Do if You Run Out of Gas in Mesquite, TX; Call a Roadside Assistance Company for Emergency Fuel Delivery

With soaring gas prices more and more people are pushing their vehicle gas tank past its limits. When you find yourself stalled out because you have run out of fuel, you will need to determine your options and how to refuel your vehicle. When your vehicle begins to stall out you will want to quickly turn on your emergency lights and pull over to the side of the road. One you are in a safe place, it is time to decide how you will get gas into your vehicle. Citywide Towing Service would like to share a few options as to how you can get fuel for your vehicle.

Call Roadside Assistance Services

A towing and roadside assistance often provides fuel delivery services to help those in your exact situation. When you find yourself broken down and needing gas, contact your preferred towing and roadside assistance services, You will need to give them your location and the type of fuel your vehicle uses. They will quickly come to your location and fuel up your vehicle with sufficient fuel to get you to the gas station.

Call a Friend or Family Member if You Run Out of Gas

Another option is to contact a nearby friend or family member to bring you fuel. Often a friend or family member will be eager to come to your aid. As long as a friend or family member is available, you can always contact them to see if they are able to come and help you. You can either have them bring you fuel or pick you up and get you to a gas station. Avoid self-towing as it is dangerous to have another vehicle tow your vehicle to a gas station. It makes much more sense to have fuel brought to your vehicle than for someone to tow your vehicle to a gas station. However, if you find that friends or family are simply too far away or cannot help due to their schedule, do not forget that roadside assistance service can help you anytime and anywhere.

Walk to the Nearest Gas Station

Another option that you can do is look up on your phone where the nearest gas station is and walk to their location. Walking is only an option when the gas station is close enough, you have a gas container that you can fill, and your location. When regarding your location, if you ran out of gas on a busy highway, you do not want to leave your vehicle and walk on foot on the highway to a gas station. It is very dangerous. Additionally, Texas law states “that a pedestrian may not walk along a roadway when a sidewalk isn’t provided.” Basically, if there isn’t a sidewalk, do not walk along the side of a road. If you have broken down inside a parking area, or near a road with a sidewalk leading to the gas station, walking is an option.

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If you find you have run out of gas and you want the fastest and simplest solution, contact Citywide Towing Service. We provide gas delivery and other roadside assistance and towing services.

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