What to Do when Running Out of Gas on the Road or Highway in Seagoville, TX; Turn Off Auto AC & More

Who hasn’t been on a road trip and tried to get as far as possible before pulling over to get gas? I think we probably have all been there. The problem with that is, sometimes you don’t make it as far as you need to before you run out. If you find that you are on a road trip and have pushed the envelope a little too far as far as your gas goes, you may find yourself in a dilemma. You will probably be searching for ways to extend the mileage you are getting to ensure you make it to that gas station. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some tips for those that are almost out of gas and trying to make it to the nearest gas station.

Look for Nearest Gas Stations

This may seem like an obvious tip, but as soon as you notice that you are running low or have heard that little ding that indicates you are nearly running on fumes, you better start looking for the nearest gas station. Most of us carry a smartphone with us everywhere we go these days, which can be helpful in helping you locate the nearest gas station. Sometimes, you may be on a stretch of road that doesn’t have much as far as gas stations go. This is the time to start making a plan to get to the next place that can give you the fuel that you need to keep going.

Avoid Driving with Windows Down

It may seem like you are saving money by driving with your windows rolled down, but that is actually a myth. When the windows are down on your vehicle, it creates more drag and will give leave you with less miles to every gallon of gas. Your car is designed to be aerodynamic, but when the windows are rolled down, all aerodynamics go out the window. If you aren’t driving at highway speeds though, this tip won’t make much difference.

Turn Off Auto AC Save Gas

If you are driving in the summer months, this tip could cause some real discomfort. Turning off the AC can make a big difference in the mileage you can get. In fact, you can count on getting 25% further down the road when you turn off the heat and AC while driving your vehicle. You can look at it this way, if you run out of gas, you will be sitting in the heat anyway so you may as well suffer slightly before running out of gas.

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