What to if Your Vehicle Gets Towed in Richardson, TX & How Do I Find My Car After a Tow Truck Takes It?

Have you ever discovered your vehicle missing, or is in the process of being towed? When a vehicle is towed away you must ask yourself why would your vehicle be towed in the first place. Did you park in an un-designated parking area? Did your vehicle break down and you took too long to retrieve it? There are lot of reasons why a vehicle may be towed away without your knowledge or consent. When this happens, you must take steps to recover your vehicle. Citywide Towing Service will share what to do when your vehicle has been towed and you are not sure where to start to get it back.

What to Do When You See Your Vehicle Being Towed

You may discover a tow truck hooking up your vehicle, yet as the vehicle owner you do have some rights, and laws that can help in the State of Texas. Here are some of your rights that are backed up by law that every person should know.
• If the vehicle is in the process of being hooked up and not completely ready to be towed, you can stop the tow. You can keep your vehicle without having to pay any charges. (You do not need or are required to prove ownership of the vehicle.)
• If the vehicle has been fully hooked up and the tow truck driver is ready to pull away with your vehicle but has left the parking lot, you can still keep you vehicle. However, you can stop the tow truck driver from leaving with your vehicle, but you will need to pay a drop off fee. (You do not need or are required to prove ownership of the vehicle.)

How Do I Find My Car After Being Towed?

Not everyone is lucky enough to intercept their vehicle from being towed away. If your vehicle has been towed away you will need to take steps. When a vehicle is towed, the tow truck driver will post a “tow away sign” on which you will find a phone number. You will need to call the phone number to know which “vehicle storage facility” or VSF your vehicle has been taken to. When you have to retrieve your vehicle you will need to prove you’re the authorized owner or user of the vehicle. You will need to also pay the towing charges. If you cannot pay the towing fee at that time you are allowed access to your vehicle. You may remove personal belonging with no charges. You are allowed to claim your personal belongings one hour from the time your vehicle was towed. If you feel like your vehicle was unjustly towed away, you have the right to request a hearing. You must request a hearing within 14 days from when the vehicle was towed. It is important to know your rights. However, it is also important to know what you do not have the right to do. It is important to keep the peace and to prevent damages your vehicle. For example you cannot remove any attachment or part for the vehicle. Additionally you cannot reclaim or have the boot removed from your vehicle until you have paid all of the fees. You must also prove you are the owner or authorized user of the vehicle.

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It can be confusing when or why your vehicle was towed away. You can reduce your chance of a tow by parking in proper parking areas. Do not leave your vehicle discarded in a gas station or on the side of a road for extended periods of time. If you need help towing your vehicle or require towing or roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing today.

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