When Cruise Control Should Not Be Used in Grand Prairie, TX; In Rain, On Wet Roads & More

One of the best additions to vehicles that has come with innovation is cruise control. It is a great way to relax while you are still progressing on the road. It is also a way to save on fuel because it will be more efficient. The cruise control is usually on the steering will in the form of about four different buttons. There is a button that you press to start the use of the cruise control. Then you get the vehicle to the speed that you want your car to run steady at when you press the button labeled set. When you press this button the car will stay at this speed while you take your foot off the pedal. There are two ways to stop the progression of the cruise control. One is by pressing the cruise control button to turn it off and the other way is to tap the brake. Another button that you can use is to increase the speed. This is great if you need to adjust a few miles per hour either way. You can also resume the cruise control if you have to hit the brake at any point. It will go back to the setting it was at previous to you braking. Just because you have cruise control on your vehicle does not mean you should use it all the time. There are some times that you should avoid using the cruise control to save your car from breaking down.

Citywide Towing Services Lists Several Instances You Should Avoid Using Cruise Control

If You Are In Traffic Avoid Using Cruise Control: When you are sitting in traffic or on a road that has lots of cars around you this is not the time to use your cruise control. The problem is that when you use your cruise control and you set the setting you are not able to adjust the speed of your car or truck for a small brief moment. This can be catastrophic when you are in traffic where you may need to speed up or stop quickly to avoid a collision. It is also not a great idea in traffic because you are not usually able to stay at a specific speed for a length of time and switching too often can damage the unit. This may lead to car repairs that you were not intending to have to do.
Avoid Cruise Control in Rain on Wet Roads: Most modern cars have traction control systems in place to avoid hydroplaning when the roads are wet and slick. The danger of using cruise control in the rain is the initial speed and “hitting the brake” reaction when you lose control of your vehicle; especially for cars without anti-lock brake systems. Even though it is the goal of cruise control to maintain speed, it will not cause your car to go faster because there is no traction. Citywide Towing recommends when it is raining or roads are wet that you turn off cruise control and reduce speed.
Don’t Use Cruise Control When Tired: The best time to use your cruise control is when you are traveling a long distance and you are traveling along a highway. The problem is that traveling long distances also can make you tired and sleepy. Using your cruise control at this time is a bad idea because you are taking away an aspect of the vehicles operation that may help keep you awake. If you are tired it is better idea to find a safe place to pull off the road and get some rest.

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