When is Flatbed Towing Best in Grapevine, TX? Major Damage to Car, Lowered Cars & More

When you are stranded on the side of the road the first thought is often how am I going to get out of here. The great thing now is that there are companies that have towing capabilities that will come out to your location, pick up your car and take it in to be repaired. You get to confirm when it is picked up and where it will end up. This is great because most people don’t know someone that has a truck and equipment to tow their car safely away. If you have it towed improperly the car can become damaged. Not just your car but the car that is doing the towing as well. That is why it is best to have your car towed by a professionally company. The reason is that we have the right equipment to do the job. The tow truck we dispatch might be different depending on the needs of the car that is being towed. There is a standard wheel lift, dolly tow and flatbed tow trucks to choose from. Citywide Towing Service explains when flatbed tow trucks are best to tow your damaged car or truck.

Minor or Major Damage to Car?

When you are stranded on the side of the road the reason can be anything from a flat tire all the way to a car accident. There are many types of car accidents that include single car to a pile up from bad weather. Whatever the reason behind the accident, the severity can be quite hard to manage. If the car has been damaged and is not able to drive at all you will need to hire a tow truck that can come out to the scene and pick up the vehicle. There can be damage to parts of the car that makes it so that the car cannot be towed unless it has been lifted off the ground. That is when you will be in need of a flatbed tow truck that can come out and remove the car without having to use any of the axles.

Vehicle Safety

: Another reason that some people choose to have their car towed on a flatbed as opposed to a traditional tow truck is that they want their vehicle kept safe. The safety of the car might be taken into account if the car is a luxury car, expensive car or a collector car. You want the car to be moved to a different location so that it can be repaired, or worked on or taken to a new location for a sell or trade.

Towing Non Standard Vehicles

: Another common reason that people choose to use a flatbed is because they are having a vehicle towed that is not a car or truck. It can be towing a scooter, ATV, dune buggy or motorcycle. These are all vehicles that will need to be lifted from the ground to be towed away.

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