Why Call a Roadside or Towing Truck Service in Ferris, TX? Collision, Engine Overheating & More

Despite modernized vehicles being built to last, even with excellent maintenance, they can still experience failure in some capacity, resulting in the need for assistance. There are few things even the non-experienced can do, but there are situations when, no matter what your experience is, you should call for towing and roadside assistance. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to share the top few reasons as to why you should call a professional first.

Reasons to Call a Towing or Roadside Assistance Company

Flat Tire. Flat tires happen when you least expect it. They can occur due to low pressure, damaged or worn-down tread, or sharp foreign objects penetrating the tire. Even if you know how to change a tire, calling for roadside assistance is a safe alternative on the busy roads and can get the tire changed quickly. In the event the event the spare tire is not an option, or you lack any of the tools, the tow truck driver is prepared to change the tire or tow your vehicle to a mechanic for a repair or replacement.
Collision. Fender benders are typically not a cause for a tow, but there are moderate to severe accidents that can render your vehicle undriveable, or unsafe to drive. If you cannot determine if the vehicle is drivable, we recommend playing the safe card and calling for a tow. You can have your vehicle looked over by an experienced mechanic to assess the condition of your vehicle.
Engine Overheating. There are many reasons as to why a vehicle can overheat. If your engine starts to overheat due to faulty fan belt or leaked water pump, it may shut down completely, or cause further damage. At first sign of the vehicle overheating, it is important you pull over and cut the engine off and call for a tow.
Running Out of Gas. Running out of gas is still plausible, despite the warnings and modern fueling stations. Some simply forget, others push their vehicle past the, and gauges can be faulty. If the nearest gas station is miles away, it can be dangerous to make the hike, or even being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Having a fuel delivery is usually a reasonable cost and it can ensure your safety.
Additional Breakdown. Modernized cars can be fairly complex with the mechanical, electrical, and computerized issues that can breakdown, malfunction, and wear. With the many variables that can happen including with the engine, electronics, computer, exhaust, and brakes are just a few common issues that can happen.

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These are just the top reasons you should call a tow truck and roadside in the Greater Dallas, Texas area. If you ever feel unsafe or unsure about your vehicle, no matter how big or small the issue, call Citywide Towing Service and let our experienced experts assist you. In the event our roadside assistance services are not adequate to get your vehicle back on the road, our quality towing options can get you to your mechanic or to your home safely and efficiently. Be sure to save our contact information in your cell phone to reach us quickly and conveniently.

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